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Wonkyu Long Drabbles

A/N: Didn’t expect this to be long, but well… enjoy~


Master Siwon sat on the high chair behind his heavy wooden table, staring in distaste at how the two guests in front of him ogled his butler. What worsen his mood was the butler was totally oblivious to the attention he was getting, comfortably wiping the French windows on one side of the huge study room, bending his sexy body, accentuating all of his curves.

The owner of the mansion growled a warning and loosened his wine –colored loose button-down before settling glaring at the unwanted visitors.

“Sir Donghae, if you don’t mind, I haven’t eaten anything yet since this morning so I hope you will allow me to feed in front of you,” Siwon’s red eyes glinted under the faint chandelier light above them.

Donghae smirked and nodded. “I don’t mind a single bit, Master Siwon.”

The head of the vampire grinned satisfyingly before turning to look at the still clueless butler who was now bending in a very irresistible position.

“Cho Kyuhyun, come,” Siwon’s demanding command filled the room and the butler immediately froze, looking at his master like a deer in headlights.

“Do you need me to repeat myself, Kyuhyun? Do you want to let me starve?” Siwon’s gaze looked at the shorter dangerously.

“N-No, Master,” Kyuhyun immediately lowered his gaze and slowly walked towards his owner.

“Good, I expect direct obedience from you, Kyu,” Siwon pulled the human onto his lap, earning a soft gasp from the man in his hold which definitely caused blood to rush towards the taller’s southern part.

Siwon then proceeded to loosen Kyuhyun’s bowtie and collar, slipping the cloth so the butler’s white and milky skin could be exposed. Siwon didn’t miss how Donghae groaned softly and how the guest’s butler, Zhou Mi, licked his lips in anticipation. He must show them that the human was his. Only his.

“Do you want me to feed from you, Kyu? Tell me,” Siwon grazed his sharpened fangs on the soft skin, earning a whimper from the man on his lap.

“Y-Yes, Master Siwon. P-Please suck me,” Kyuhyun inclined his head to expose his neck more and closed his eyes, oblivious at how his words was turning on the three vampires in the room.

Siwon made sure he was looking sharply at the speechless Donghae before sinking his fangs into the trembling and whimpering human, holding the other tighter and closer.

Kyuhyun’s eyes immediately opened and gasped loudly as he felt his master sucking his blood. Soon, the human’s eyes turned glassy and started to moan softly. Kyuhyun was totally in a bliss, although he could feel something hard and huge poking his bottom. He was very sure what it was since he felt it inside him almost every night.

“M-Master, more please,” the human started to rock his hips slowly, feeling his dress pants getting tighter.

Siwon’s eyes watched how the guests’ eyes dropped at the bulge between the butler’s legs and smirked before his hands rubbed Kyuhyun’s crotch slowly and cupping it, causing the poor boy the jerk his hips and moaned louder.

“M-Masters t-there are visitors, p-please…” Kyuhyun’s pleas caused Siwon to stop before the vampire casted a look at Donghae and Zhou Mi whose mouths were opened in awe at his butler’s very ravishing look.

“I almost forgot about the guests,” Siwon pretended to only notice the two outsiders before smirking. “I’m terribly sorry to forget your presence. As you see, my butler can sometimes be… very distracting,” Siwon said the last words huskily as he pressed his hand harder at the other’s cloth-covered manhood, feeling a surge of satisfaction at the loud gasp from his writhing butler.

“M-My apologies, Master Siwon. We will be leaving now, please enjoy your…feed,” Donghae hurriedly replied, although Siwon could see how disappointed the guest was.

After the door was closed, the room was then filled with Kyuhyun’s pleasured moans and the scent of blood and other bodily liquid.

Half an hour later as Zhou Mi came to retrieve his master’s hat in the room, he came right on time just to have his eyes almost popped out at Kyuhyun’s very debauched face with white liquid staining his naked chest, dripping down his very exposed cock.

And the Chinese definitely didn’t miss how Siwon smirked at him as the master licked his stained fingers.

He got the message very well.

Kyuhyun was only Master Choi Siwon’s and no one else.

Suicide Squad!AU

The wide worn-down room was bright with two guards standing beside the iron door, and in the middle of the space was a large cage, enough to fill thirty people. In the cage, was a thin mattress on the floor and a boy sitting on it. The teenager was sitting on the soft surface, his back leaning on the cold metal bars and his head facing the ceiling. His short wavy wine-colored hair framed his slight-chubby face, eyes boring on the tall ceiling, and plump lips pouting.

Absentmindedly, the lad flipped through the book he was holding, not reading it at all. He then sighed before looking at the pile of books scattered around him in the cage. Since he had saved the whole humanity and earth, Kyuhyun was granted an unlimited supply of any books he wanted and the genius didn’t waste that incentive at all, stacking books on all the available spaces of his already-small living space.

For the first two months since his return into the jail he had started calling home, Kyuhyun had been very excited with the books he had gotten, memorizing every important facts about the world, mostly unimportant, but who knows when he would be saving the ungrateful world again. Although, recently, he was bored at reading all those printed texts and his mind drifted to a certain someone. His partner in crime.

Even thinking about the man’s handsome face almost put tears into his eyes, but of course he wouldn’t cry in front of the guards or anywhere else, even when he had seen his only love blown into bits right in front of him.

It was kind of his fault actually, Kyuhyun thought as he swallowed back the bile rising in his throat. He was practically forced to help the government fight some really bad super-powered enemies and his boyfriend was just trying to save him and have a happy life with him when the ungrateful government official ordered to blow the helicopter they were riding into pieces.

Kyuhyun was lucky, since Siwon pushed him out of the helicopter onto one of the skyscrapers’ rooftop but not for the latter. Kyuhyun tried to hate the world for his lost, but even hating someone needed a lot of energy which he didn’t have. After all, his life was already doomed to suffer and there was nothing he could do.

Shaking his head, Kyuhyun tried to will his thoughts to the book he was reading, something about how to build a rocket and launch it into space.  He was just getting the hang of it when the wall behind him suddenly blew up, debris flying towards him.

The teenager immediately put down his books and stood up; looking at the huge gaping hole on what was once a sturdy stone wall. In a matter of seconds, men in complete SWAT clothes with M16 burst into the room and shot at the guards. What surprised Kyuhyun most was the person walking into the hole last was none other than the man that was occupying his mind for the past few weeks.

“W-Won?” Kyuhyun rushed towards the door of the cage as he waited for the uniformed men to melt the metal bars.

“Miss me, Kyu?” the psychopathic super villain, Choi Siwon, stretched out his hands with a feral grin as the door melted down.

Without missing a beat, Kyuhyun immediately launched himself onto the man’s hold and was carried out of the prison.

“B-But how? I saw you…” anything Kyuhyun wanted to say was silenced by the kiss his lover gave him as they hung on the ladder of a flying helicopter.

“You think I die easily?” Siwon teased him as he stole another peck.

Kyuhyun shook his head and initiated another kiss, this time deeper.

“I cannot die knowing that you are alone, Kyu,” Siwon whispered as they broke apart for air.

“I-I love you, Won!” Kyuhyun hugged the older tighter and nuzzled his nose to inhale the musky scent of his soulmate.

“I love you more, Cho Kyuhyun. I promise you will never have to enter any prison anymore and that you will never be alone, Kyu. I am here for you, and we can start a family of madness. What do you think?” Siwon looked at Kyuhyun like he was the most perfect gem in the world.

“That sounds perfect, Choi Siwon,” Kyuhyun smiled genuinely and maybe, just maybe, his life wouldn’t be spent just for suffering.

And maybe they would hate the world together.
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