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Over a Cup of Coffee

Title: Over a Cup of Coffee
Pairings: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Genre: Coffee Shop!AU
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: Slight swearing
Summary: Changmin and Kyuhyun were spending their summer holiday working part time in a coffee shop and Kyuhyun was interested in one of the frequent customers, but as always, Changmin blew things up and now Kyuhyun had to deal with the mess.

A/N: I feel kind of different writing this story, so please comment if you have any comment or critics~

“One grande Green Tea Cream and one grande Signature Chocolate,” Changmin shouted as he placed the empty cups on to the counter next to Kyuhyun who was busy making the other coffee orders.

“Don’t need to shout, Min. I can just read the label on the cup,” Kyuhyun grumbled as he filled the cups with chocolate and coffee before giving it to Taemin to call the customer.

“I just love seeing you lose your composure!” Changmin cackled as he accepted the next customer in line.

“I swear you are not my friend,” Kyuhyun mumbled, causing Taemin to chuckle as he called out the queue number.

“Next order, one grande Java Chip and one grande Espresso, with an extra piece of Zhou Mi on top,” Changmin ordered and Kyuhyun immediately choked and glared at his so-called best friend as Taemin lightly patted Kyuhyun on his back.

“Hello, Kui Xian!” the cheerful voice that he recognized so well greeted Kyuhyun before he could kill Changmin.

“H-Hello, Zhou Mi,” Kyuhyun glanced at the taller for a just a second before ducking down his head to hide his blush and pretended to fiddle with the coffee maker.

“It has been awhile since you visited,” Changmin grinned at the Chinese while counting the change. “Kui Xian here has been missing you,” Changmin dodged Kyuhyun’s punch as the shorter stuttered a disagreement.

“Aww, Kui Xian, I miss you too,” Zhou Mi squealed, not noticing Kyuhyun’s deeper shade of red as he smiled widely. “I have been very busy with work earlier and I brought my best friend slash architect here, Choi Siwon.”

Kyuhyun was too caught up in staring his crush since one month ago that he didn’t follow the conversation nor did he realize that someone was staring at him intently.

“Kyuhyun, their coffee!”

Kyuhyun dazedly handed Changmin the two cups of coffee which the taller then handed to the familiar customers.

“See you, Kui Xian!” Zhou Mi smiled and that was the only thing Kyuhyun focused on.

“Kyuhyun! Snap back to reality!” Changmin snapped his fingers in front of Kyuhyun and Kyuhyun blinked before he backed away from his smirking best friend.

“Yah! Shim Changmin!” Kyuhyun glowered at his best friend.

“Don’t worry, you will definitely be with him now,” Changmin winked and served the next customer before Kyuhyun could ask more.

The next morning, Kyuhyun was woken up by a very loud noise.

“Turn it off, it is our free time. Changmin!” the teenager groaned as he covered his head with the pillow.

“It’s your phone, idiot,” Changmin shouted as he threw a pillow at his older friend.

Kyuhyun growled as he woke up and snatched his smartphone, only to see an unknown number calling him.

“Hello?” Kyuhyun answered grumpily.

The line was silent, causing Kyuhyun to frown and called out again.

“Oh, Kyuhyun-ssi, did I call at the wrong time?” an unfamiliar voice rang out and Kyuhyun’s frown deepened.

“Who is this?” Kyuhyun asked as he glanced towards a curious Changmin under the blanket.

“This is Choi Siwon, Zhou Mi’s friend, we met yesterday?” the sound sounded hesitant. “You wrote your number on my cup with your name.”

Kyuhyun widened his eyes before putting the other on hold and turned to glare viciously at Changmin.

“Shim Changmin! Did you write my number and name on Choi Siwon’s cup?” Kyuhyun shouted and threw pillows at his supposed-to-be best friend.

“What? I-I gave your number to Zhou Mi!” Changmin defended himself.

“But apparently you gave it to Choi Siwon and now he called me. What am I going to do?” Kyuhyun snarled.

“Just tell him the truth...?” Changmin asked unsurely with an awkward smile, earning him another pillow throw from Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun tried to calm himself before picking up his phone again and pressed it to his ear.

“Siwon-ssi, it is a –“

“Do you have free time today? Can we meet in Mouse Rabbit Cafe tonight at six? We can learn more about each other, I guess? But you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Siwon cut Kyuhyun’s clarification.

Kyuhyun sighed as he gave his laughing friend a glare.

“Fine,” Kyuhyun finally agreed at the pleading tone the other gave him.

“R-Really? Then I will meet you tonight. I can’t wait to see you again, Kyu,” Kyuhyun could almost hear Siwon’s smile from the other side and Kyuhyun almost smiled too.

“So it went well?” Changmin raised an eyebrow at his cheered up friend.

“It is all your fault, now I can’t turn him down and I must meet him tonight!” Kyuhyun groaned and threw his phone onto his bed.

“Just try it, Kyuhyun. Maybe he isn’t that bad,” Changmin shrugged.

“It’s Zhou Mi I’m interested in, and you know it!” Kyuhyun buried his face on the bed and kicked everything off the soft surface.

“I’m really sorry, dude, but maybe you can have a new friend for your anti-social life,” Changmin unhelpfully added.

Kyuhyun regretted the day he befriended Changmin.

Changmin watched as his roommate shoved his things into the older’s black backpack with disgust.

“You are wearing those to a date?” Changmin shook his head. Sometimes he wondered if his best friend had ever bumped his head on something hard when he was a baby.

Kyuhyun stopped what he was doing to look at what he was wearing; a simple gray tight-fitting t-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans.

“It is not a date and this was I always wear every day,” Kyuhyun retorted as he zipped his huge backpack.

“Blind date, whatever,” Changmin said ignoring Kyuhyun’s glare and threw a bunch of clothes from his own closet to Kyuhyun. “I’m not letting you leave this room before you change into something decent.”

Kyuhyun glared at his stubborn friend before sighing and changed really fast in the bathroom.

“Happy now?” Kyuhyun put his hands on his waists as he frowned at his friend who was still having a disgusted look.

“Not yet, your bag,” Changmin pointed at Kyuhyun’s huge black backpack with a serious look. “You just need your wallet and phone in your pocket, not a huge backpack!”

“Someday I will move out alone,” Kyuhyun growled as he took his wallet and phone from the bag and put it inside his jacket pocket. “I’m leaving now!” the teenager then rushed out the room before Changmin could complain anything more.

The brown-haired then walked on the sidewalk, tightening the leather jacket around him as he made his way down a few blocks towards their meeting place. Kyuhyun checked his watch to see that he was late for ten minutes. Being late actually showed that he wasn’t that interested, right?

Kyuhyun’s step then turned into a stop when he saw the one asking him out standing in front of the cafe.

“Choi Siwon-ssi?” Kyuhyun frowned and was grateful he remembered the other’s name before walking towards the taller man.

“Ah, Kyu! You can just call me Siwon,” Siwon looked at Kyuhyun happily as he called the younger with familiarity. The man then proceeded to stare at Kyuhyun.

“What is it?” Kyuhyun tightened his jacket insecurely.

“Nothing,” Siwon smiled as he looked back at Kyuhyun’s eyes. “You just look really great.”

Kyuhyun tried hard not to blush, but seeing Siwon’s giddy expression, he must have failed.

“Why don’t you enter the cafe?” Kyuhyun cleared his throat and looked away before he asked Siwon as the architect opened the door for Kyuhyun before entering the shop himself.

“I am waiting for you; I think we can enter the cafe together. I wanted to pick you up but I didn’t know your address and asking your address before we even meet is too rude, don’t you think?” Siwon rubbed the back of his neck as the waiter led them to their table by the window.

Kyuhyun gaped at the other as he sat opposite to the older.

He is too gentle. How can I break it down to him!

“So, Kyu,” Siwon cleared his throat after they had ordered. “You are the one who wrote your number on my cup right? Or else I would be very disappointed,” Siwon grinned hesitantly at the quiet Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun averted his gaze as he stayed silent. Siwon to took it as a yes and grinned, causing Kyuhyun to feel really bad.

“I was really glad that you wrote your number, since I have been interested in you from the first time I saw you in the coffee shop with Zhou Mi,” Siwon smiled at how fidgety Kyuhyun was.

“So... I heard from Zhou Mi that you are currently working at the coffee shop as a summer job?” Siwon started as he looked at Kyuhyun.

“Yes, with my best friend Changmin,” Kyuhyun nodded as he sipped the chocolate brought by the waitress earlier.

“When will you be going back to school then?” Siwon asked again.

“In the next three months,” Kyuhyun shrugged as he looked at the expectant man in front of him. “How about you? You seem like you and Zhou Mi are close.”

“Yes, we are close,” Siwon chuckled. “We met through a project, Zhou Mi as the interior designer and me as the architect. We hit off easily,” Siwon sipped his dark espresso. “You seem to know Zhou Mi well.”

Kyuhyun ducked his head and cut his waffle to prevent the other from seeing his faint blush. “Z-Zhou Mi is a regular customer at the coffee shop and he is pretty much friendly with everyone,” Kyuhyun stuffed his mouth with a huge chunk of waffle before looking at Siwon.

The man was looking at Kyuhyun seriously with an unreadable expression and Kyuhyun tried hard not to sweat under the scrutinizing stare.

“Good thing Zhou Mi brought me there,” Siwon smiled his dimpled smile and Kyuhyun wanted to kick himself for the faster beating of his heart.

He was still debating whether he should kill Changmin or treat him with food.

“So what’s with the flower vase with different flower every day since last week beside the cashier? One customer just ran away yesterday because she was allergic to pollens,” Suho, one of the baristas asked as the last customer in line walked towards the furthest table.

“It’s Kyuhyun’s, someone is courting him,” Changmin cackled as Kyuhyun stomped on his shoes.

“Oh really? Finally someone notices our grumpy gaemgyu?” Suho teased the annoyed Kyuhyun and dodged the older’s punch.

“It must be Zhou Mi right? The customer that left hyung smiling to himself all the time,” Taemin laughed.

“Well that’s the problem...” Changmin scratched his head as he ignored the glare directed to him by Kyuhyun. “It is not Zhou Mi, but it’s – Oh hey! Siwon!” Changmin immediately straightened and coughed awkwardly as the person he called made his way from the door to the cashier.

“Hey Changmin,” Siwon smiled before his eyes flicked and stopped at a fidgeting Kyuhyun. “Hello, Kyu,” the architect smiled wider when Kyuhyun’s eyes met his.

“Don’t you dare bring flowers again, Siwon, it scares the customers away!” Kyuhyun grumpily said and earned a laugh from Siwon.

“I know that you don’t really like flowers, so I bought you bubble milk tea today,” Siwon grinned at an exasperated Kyuhyun and the younger have to try hard not to punch the other in front of his laughing friends.

For the next few days since they met at the Rabbit House cafe, Siwon had been visiting Kyuhyun at the coffee shop every time it was the younger’s shift and if they didn’t meet, the older would call the teenager since Kyuhyun had given his number when Siwon sent him home after their date ended. But for the moment until now, Kyuhyun still couldn’t figure out why his stomach churn every time Siwon looked at him or when the older smiled at him, after all he was still in love with Zhou Mi... was he?

Kyuhyun begrudgingly took the cold beverage from the other and sipped it.

“Glad you like it,” Siwon chuckled as he leaned his elbow on the counter and his head on his head, watching Kyuhyun intently. “I’m actually here to take you on a date. Do you have time this Saturday?” Siwon asked.

Kyuhyun almost choked on the bubble as he coughed and glared at the other. “We are definitely not dating!”

“Yet,” Siwon unhelpfully added with a smile, irking the young man.

“If this helps, the antisocial Kyuhyun here doesn’t have any plans at all actually for the summer except for this job so you can bring him out everyday when it’s not his shift,” Changmin placed his hand on Kyuhyun’s shoulder as he told Siwon.

“Yah! Shim Changmin! Are you even my friend?” Kyuhyun growled out and slapped away Changmin’s hand, earning a laugh from Siwon.

“Then do you want to watch movie at Daehan Cinema then we can go to Sky Rose Garden. Maybe if we still have the time we can go to the ice ring. What do you think?” Siwon grinned at the dumbstruck Kyuhyun.

“Wow, you have planned it all,” Changmin whistled before slapping Kyuhyun on the shorter’s back. “You are one lucky boy, dude,” Changmin winked, disregarding Kyuhyun’s glare.

Kyuhyun wanted to say no but looking at Siwon’s puppy eyes, who could do it?

“Fine,” Kyuhyun grumbled but hid his smile as Siwon looked genuinely happy.

However, the moment was broken when Zhou Mi entered the coffee shop.

“Ni hao~” Zhou Mi happily greeted the baristas as he stood beside Siwon.

“It’s a coincidence you are here, Shi Yuan,” Zhou Mi patted Siwon’s shoulder.

“Hey, Mi,” Siwon smiled, although his smile looked forced, or maybe it was just Kyuhyun’s imagination.

“Ni hao, Zhou Mi ge,” Kyuhyun greeted the Chinese with a faint blush. Habits die hard.

“Here is your espresso, Mi,” Changmin handed Zhou Mi a grande cup of espresso.

“Xie xie,” Zhou Mi took the coffee with a grin before turning to Kyuhyun. “So, are you free this Saturday, Kui Xian? I wanted to bring you to a design exhibition.”

Kyuhyun blinked. Is he asking me out?

But then he remembered another promise he made a few minutes ago and glanced at Siwon. The other was looking at him with a unreadable expression.

“Mianhe, I can’t attend it, Mi,” Kyuhyun heavily broke the news to the tallest. “I have another plan that day.”

“It’s alright, I’m glad this antisocial Kui Xian is finally getting out,” Zhou Mi laughed at Kyuhyun’s whine at him.

“Don’t tease me, ge!” Kyuhyun looked away, although he was laughing.

“Ah, by the way, Shi Yuan, don’t you tell me you have an urgent meeting this afternoon?” Zhou Mi turned to his best buddy.

“Yes, it will start in ten minutes, I better go now. See you tomorrow, Kyu,” Siwon grinned at Kyuhyun before he left.

“Then I better leave too. Bye~” Zhou Mi waved his hand before following behind Siwon.

When Kyuhyun thought it would be back to peaceful, Changmin dragged him to the staff’s room, leaving Suho and Taemin to deal with the customers.

“What is it, Min?” Kyuhyun frowned as he sat on the table.

“You haven’t told Siwon about the misunderstanding?” Changmin closed the door and looked at Kyuhyun with a raised eyebrow.

“I haven’t have the time, Min. Don’t you see Siwon? How can you break it to him when he looked like that?” Kyuhyun rubbed his face, his mood plummeting.

“You need to tell him before it’s too late, Kyu,” Changmin sighed as he looked at his dejected friend. “Or are you falling for him already?”

Kyuhyun stayed silent as he stared at the floor before he replied, “I don’t know, Min, I don’t know.”

“Quick figure out your feelings. If you don’t like him then better break it off, Kyu. I’m trying to not get you hurt,” Changmin messed Kyuhyun’s brown wavy hair before exiting the room, leaving Kyuhyun to be drowned in guilt.

He will definitely figure out his feelings.

Saturday came way faster than how Kyuhyun wanted.

“Wear this,” Changmin threw his clothes on Kyuhyun’s bed as soon as Kyuhyun exit the bathroom.

“What? You are like my stylish now?” Kyuhyun retorted, but wore clothes anyway, which consisted of a white v-neck shirt with striped black and white cardigan and a pair of dark blue jeans.

“You are lucky you have me, or else you will look like a rag doll,” Changmin shook his head before shooing his best friend out of the room. “Good luck, Kyu,” the taller winked before shutting the door.

Muttering under his breath, Kyuhyun made his way down the dormitory to meet his Siwon, who was already waiting in front of the dorm lobby with his flashy white Audi. The university could already see a few students gathered to see the expensive car and shook his head before quickly entering the car where Siwon was already opening the door for him.

“We can just meet at the cinema, Won,” Kyuhyun shut the door and told the older when he entered the car.

“It won’t be fun and this is one step to courting someone,” Siwon winked at Kyuhyun before stepping the gas pedal.

“I’m not dating you, Won!” Kyuhyun glared at the other, earning a chuckle from the latter.

“Yet, Kyu. I will keep trying to woo you,” Siwon grinned at the teenager before speeding up.

“So what will we watch?” Kyuhyun looked at the long line forming in front of the ticket box.

“I have bought a ticket for us online. A horror movie,” Siwon laughed at how Kyuhyun became stony.

“Why a horror movie, Won?” Kyuhyun frowned as he gripped the big box of popcorn they bought earlier with Kyuhyun’s money, much to Siwon’s chagrin.

“Don’t worry, I will protect you, Kyu,” Siwon held Kyuhyun’s free hand before entering the auditorium.

“I’m not scared at all!” Kyuhyun retorted as they walked to their seat on the second row from the top.

But maybe it was too early to say that as thirty minutes after the movie started, Kyuhyun was now clinging on Siwon’s arm, screaming every time there was a jump scare in the movie.

Siwon chuckled at Kyuhyun’s expression and then smiled at their close proximity before his arm wrapped around Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I’m here,” the older rubbed Kyuhyun’s back as Kyuhyun hid his face on Siwon’s arm.

Mission success.

“Don’t you dare tell anyone about this, alright?” Kyuhyun told Siwon with a glare as they took the escalator to the sky restaurant.

“Which one? The one you are scared of the movie or the one you are hugging me?” Siwon asked cheekily.

“Both of them! And those meant nothing!” Kyuhyun growled as he stalked away from Siwon who chuckled as he followed his object of affection.

As they stopped in front of the Sky Rose Garden, Kyuhyun was awed by the beautiful sunset scenery. Although he had been living in Seoul since he was born, he had never came to the place before, since Changmin was never interested in this kind of place.

Siwon led Kyuhyun into the area, while Kyuhyun was marvelling at the flower decorations and the rooftop view, that the younger didn’t realize where they were heading.

“Sit down, Kyu,” Siwon pulled out a chair for Kyuhyun and it was then Kyuhyun realized that their table was way too decorated than the other tables.

While the other tables were only plain white plastics, their plastic white table was decorated with flowers and a candle in the middle of the table. There were also various classic korean cuisine on the table, although the place didn’t sell any food except coffee.

“Did you do this for all of your girlfriends?” Kyuhyun asked as he looked at the served dishes, realizing how hungry he was.

“No, no, only you. After all, the only person that I’m interested in since I was a high schooler was you, Kyu,” Siwon smiled fondly at Kyuhyun causing the latter to blush and duck his head, fidling with the spoon and chopsticks on the table.

“L-Let’s eat now,” Kyuhyun said as he tried the jjigae.

“Is it nice?” Siwon asked as he took a sip too.

“Where did you buy these things and set it up?” Kyuhyun nodded as he tried the other food.

“My friend owned a restaurant so I asked for his help,” Siwon answered as he started to eat.

“So much for the jack of all trades,” Kyuhyun chuckled as he sipped the wine served by a waiter in black. “Le Pin, Pomerol 1998,” Kyuhyun licked his lips and drink a few more before looking at Siwon, who was staring at him with a smile.

“You like wine?” Siwon asked as he poured more wine into Kyuhyun’s wine glass.

“Changmin and I like to drink,” Kyuhyun answered as he finished his last spoon of rice.

“We should do this again, don’t you think?” Siwon said as they finished their food and walked out the building.

“I thought you said we are going to the skating ring when there is still time, and...” Kyuhyun checked his watch before looking back at a surprised Siwon. “It is still two hours until closing time so?” Kyuhyun smirked at the confused Siwon.

“You still want to go skating?” Siwon asked unsurely.

“I-If you want to, I mean, maybe it’s late, we should go home,” the confident Kyuhyun shrunk and the self-conscious emerged as he mumbled and walked away.

“No, no! Of course I want to! I have been wanting to go out with you since the first time I saw you, Kyu,” Siwon rushed after the younger and grabbed his hand.

Kyuhyun looked at the ground instead, hoping that his deep blush wouldn’t be seen as Siwon led him to the car and opened the door for him again.

“I’m not a girl, Won,” Kyuhyun told the other without any venom although he was smiling a little.

“No, you aren’t, but you will be my boyfriend soon, hopefully if I do this right,” Siwon shamelessly grinned as the car started to move.

“Your confidence is too high, Won!” Kyuhyun laughed as he lightly slapped Siwon’s arm and looked out the window, not noticing the way Siwon glanced at him with an affectionate smile.

Half an hour later, the car was parked and the couple entered the skating ring, which was already quiet since it was almost closing time.

“Can you skate, Kyu?” Siwon asked as he skated on the ice first, smiling at Kyuhyun.

“Don’t underestimate me, Won,” Kyuhyun growled and walked on the ice, turning a few circles around the chuckling Siwon.

“I see you are good at this. Let’s race to the end of the ring. The loser has to do anything the winner wants him to do,” Siwon announced.

Kyuhyun, who never back down from a challenge, smirked as they prepared for the race.

“One, two....”


And the race started.

“I can’t believe I lost!” Kyuhyun grumbled as he shoved his gloves into his jacket, ignoring the laughing Siwon aka winner.

“I’m not easy to be defeated, Kyu,” Siwon smiled as he messed Kyuhyun’s puffy hair.

“Then what do you want?” Kyuhyun asked before they entered the car.

“I will tell you when we arrive at your dormitory,” Siwon winked before motioning for Kyuhyun to enter his car.

“That’s evil, making me anticipating what’s bad to come,” Kyuhyun grumbled when Siwon entered the car.

“Now you know how I feel when I’m anticipating for this date with you since Monday,” Siwon smiled at the blushing Kyuhyun who just looked out the window mumbling “Idiot.”.

The ride home was quiet, except for occasional questions Siwon asked Kyuhyun about him, like his family, his studies, and his past lovers, which the blushing Kyuhyun dodged.

Soon, the car stopped in front of the dorm lobby and Kyuhyun turned his head to look at Siwon.

“So what do you want me to do? You better tell me now, Won,” Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow.

Siwon turned to look at his crush with a fond smile and looked into Kyuhyun’s eyes.

“Can you give me a chance to have your heart? I know I probably lack a lot and that we have only met two weeks ago, but I am serious with you and I hope you will at least give me a chance to know you better. I won’t push you at all and if you feel burdened by this, you can tell me and I will walk away,” Siwon slowly said, trying to see Kyuhyun’s expression.

A full minute of silence later, Kyuhyun sighed and looked at Siwon.

“If I didn’t want to give you a chance, I would never go with you, Won,” Kyuhyun told the older.

Siwon who realized what the younger was saying smiled widely at the blushing Kyuhyun.

“Thank you, Kyu. I am glad I fall for you,” was the last thing Kyuhyun heard before the younger quickly left the car before his face could boil.

“You are so cheesy, you know that Won?” Kyuhyun shook his head with a smile before shutting the door and running into the dorm.

He might be falling for Siwon, but it was just a maybe.

After all, he still had feelings for Zhou Mi...


Sometimes Kyuhyun thought that the world must have had something against him, but Kyuhyun wasn’t one to believe in such kind of thing.

Until now.

Kyuhyun cursed his bad luck as today, three days after his last date with Siwon, he found himself half naked with Changmin, Zhou Mi, Siwon in the same condition as him, in a pool of water, although the other three was laughing, unlike the grumpy him.

“So how did I get into this state?” Kyuhyun asked Changmin as the both of them was relaxing at the edge of the pool while Siwon and Zhou Mi was swim racing.

“Zhou Mi invited us to go to the water park together with Siwon and that is pretty much how it ended like now,” Changmin smugly explained. “At least you can ogle on those two’s bodies,” Changmin shamelessly cackled as he swam towards the said men.

Kyuhyun shook his head but then stared at the two muscular bodies a few meters from him. Zhou Mi’s body was lean but he had defined abs, while Siwon was more muscular and Kyuhyun’s face felt warm looking at the architect’s body.

Shaking his head before he could think of anything inappropriate, Kyuhyun climbed out the pool and towards the outdoor bar. He was extra careful in walking on the slippery tiles but he miscalculated and his foot slipped on the slippery tiles.

In a blind of panic, Kyuhyun felt himself pulled as he fell into the pool with a loud splash.

“Yah!” Kyuhyun shouted as soon as he emerged from the water. He tried to swim to the edge of the pool behind him, only to be faced really close with a wet Siwon.

“W-Won,” Kyuhyun tried to move his head away, but found himself binded by Siwon’s arms.

Siwon seemed to be in daze as he didn’t respond to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun frowned as he tried to wake the other up, but it was too fast that the teenager did not see it coming at all.

Just in mere seconds, Kyuhyun found himself pressed against a half-naked Siwon with the older’s lips molding against his. Kyuhyun, who couldn’t react in panic, just let the other licked his lips and held him closer.

However, the moment was broke as soon as Kyuhyun heard his other friend’s voice. Jerking his head away and pushing the taller with all the strength he had left, Kyuhyun quickly swam away and left the pool, ignoring his friend’s call of his name.

How did this happen?

The phone rang again for the umpteenth time and Kyuhyun continued to eat his breakfast, ignoring the call.

“Kyuhyun, you need to talk to him sooner or later,” Changmin looked at his upset best friend with disapproval.

Since the kissing incident almost two weeks ago, Kyuhyun kept avoiding Siwon. Even when the older came to the coffee shop when he was working, Kyuhyun would immediately flee into the staff’s room. All of the architect’s phone calls and messages were left unanswered and unopened. Even Kyuhyun started to avoid Zhou Mi as well.

“Tell me honestly, did you like Siwon, Kyu?” Changmin folded his hands as he leaned on the kitchen counter and looked at his best friend with sympathy.

“I don’t know, Min. I guess I am falling for him, but...” Kyuhyun shook his head heavily.

“Then why did you feel like the kiss was something terrible?”

“B-Because we are not dating yet and it was too sudden in a public place. I panicked and now I felt really bad, Min,” Kyuhyun bit his lips as he looked at Changmin.

Changmin sighed as he looked at the wall clock before grabbing his messenger bag.

“I’m sorry, Kyu, I need to work now, but we will definitely talk about this again when I get back tonight. Figure out your feelings, Kyu,” Changmin patted Kyuhyun’s head before exiting the room, leaving Kyuhyun to regret his decision.

Kyuhyun was playing his PS4 when his phone beeped, indicating there was a message. Pausing the game, the teenager took his smartphone to see an unread message from none other than Choi Siwon. The university student was tempted to ignore it but then he felt guilty, causing him to press the message open.

From: Choi Siwon
Subject: -

Please meet me at the restaurant near your apartment at 6 tonight.
I will be waiting no matter what time you will come.
I really hope you come, Kyu.

Kyuhyun reread the message over and over again, resolving his decision. He was going to tell the other his feelings tonight for sure.

Kyuhyun was thankful the restaurant wasn’t crowded as he entered the shop and slightly frowned at Siwon who was already sitting in the corner, since the man usually waited for him to enter every shop.

“Won?” Kyuhyun called the adult’s name and sat opposite to said man.

Siwon looked weary and Kyuhyun felt very guilty that he might be the cause of it.

“I’m sorry, Kyu,” was Siwon’s starting words when Kyuhyun was seated.

“W-What?” Kyuhyun blinked, surprised by the other’s remorseful tone.

“You don’t have to keep it anymore, Kyu,” Siwon smiled ruefully at the confused Kyuhyun.

“What are you talking about, Won?” Kyuhyun’s eyebrows creased.

“I overheard Changmin and Taemin talking earlier. Turned out you was going to give your number to Zhou Mi, right?” Siwon shook his head bitterly. “I know you are interested in Zhou Mi and I thought you are going to give me a chance, but turns out, I don’t really have a shot since beginning, do I?” Siwon looked at Kyuhyun with a very upset face that it stunned Kyuhyun.

“And the kiss that time,” Siwon rubbed his face, looking very desperate, “I’m terribly sorry, I don’t usually do that, but... it doesn’t matter now, right? I know you can’t tell me about the misunderstanding because I’m to pushy, so you don’t have to feel bad about it, Kyu,” Siwon smiled bitterly.

“I feel so stupid. Of course you won’t fall for strangers,” Siwon prepare to stand up. “Goodbye, Kyu. I won’t bother you anymore. But let me say this one last time. I love you, Cho Kyuhyun,” Siwon smiled for the last time before leaving a frozen Kyuhyun.

 It took a few minutes for Kyuhyun to realize what just happened and he immediately ran outside, but as expected, there was no Siwon in sight. The teenager immediately dialed Siwon’s number, but it was not answered.

Frustrated, Kyuhyun took a taxi back to his dorm where Changmin was already sitting on the couch.

“Kyuhyun?” Changmin immediately frowned as soon he saw his best friend’s expression as the shorter directly walked passed him into the bedroom.

“What’s wrong, Kyuhyun?” Changmin asked again, not letting the other shut the door and instead entered the room too.

“Siwon know everything and now he thinks that I am forced to be with him,” Kyuhyun sat on the bed as he tried to blink back the tears.

“What?” Changmin frowned and sat on the bean bag chair in front of Kyuhyun.

“He overheard you and Taemin talking, and now I can’t contact him. He might even hate me, Min,” Kyuhyun rubbed his face.

“I-I’m sorry K—“

“It’s not your fault, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t really matter now,” Kyuhyun smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Then what are you going to do?” Changmin asked.

“I don’t know, he might not want to talk to me anymore,” Kyuhyun rubbed his eyes and Changmin did the one thing no one would expect him to do; hugging Kyuhyun.

“If he didn’t answer you calls or messages, then we will ask Zhou Mi, okay?” Changmin stroked the older’s back.

Kyuhyun could only hope for the best.

He was really in love with Choi Siwon, it seemed.

Three weeks later...

Ding dong. Ding dong.

“Mi? You are early,” Siwon put down the ladle in the pot before opening his luxurious apartment door, but it wasn’t his best friend whom he was expecting, instead, it was someone he thought he would never see again.

“K-Kyu?” Siwon widened his eyes at the nervous boy in front of him.

“P-Please don’t shut the door first, Won, I only need a few minutes,” Kyuhyun tried to stop the other from ignoring him again, although the older didn’t seem like he was going to close the door.

When Kyuhyun was sure Siwon wasn’t going to reject him again, he continued.

“I-I’m sorry for not explaining the first time since I have no idea how to reject you. You can’t be rejected, Won, you are too perfect!” Kyuhyun paused as he tried to construct his next words.

“I thought I’m going to tell you when I meet you again after the first date, but I-I....” Kyuhyun shuffled on his feet, didn’t dare to look at the one in front of him.

“You what, Kyu?” Siwon frowned and Kyuhyun bit his lips. He was going to say this sooner or later.

“I think I like you now, Choi Siwon,” Kyuhyun finally confessed as he looked straight at the stunned Siwon.

Kyuhyun waited for a whole two minutes before he felt like it was too long.

“Say something, Won! I-If you are going to reject me then say it now!” Kyuhyun looked away and grumbled, earning a laugh from Siwon, who surprised Kyuhyun.

“Then you don’t like Zhou Mi?” Siwon raised an eyebrow with a smile.

“I do,” Kyuhyun smirked, enjoying the horrified look on Siwon’s face. “I mean I did, but now, the feelings have gone,” Kyuhyun chuckled at Siwon’s stupid expression.

“You have just played with my feelings again, but are you sure you are not talking to the wrong guy?” Siwon teased as he held Kyuhyun’s waists.

Kyuhyun just smiled gently before tiptoeing and giving the other a peck on his cheek.

“I hope your feeling won’t change, Won. The last words you said to me?” Kyuhyun’s face turned hopeful.

“I don’t think my feelings will change, Kyu. I still love you and will always love you,” Siwon smile fondly before leaning in to capture the teenager’s lips. “And I certainly don’t kiss anyone who wasn’t my lover.”

“Then why did you kiss me that time?” Kyuhyun asked as Siwon led him into his apartment for the very first time.

“Because you are irresistable. Do you know how hard is it to control myself?” Siwon smiled coyly and rubbed his neck.

Kyuhyun felt his face getting warmer before licking his lips and leaning towards his now-lover to give the older a kiss on the lips.

“Then you don’t have to control yourself anymore, Siwon...nie?” Kyuhyun smirked deviously as he pressed himself against the surprised architect.

“K-Kyu?” Siwon blinked as he couldn’t believe what the other just said.

“Saranghae-yo, Siwonnie,” Kyuhyun whispered huskily and Siwon immediately lost what was left of his self control as he carried Kyuhyun into his bedroom.

“Then I won’t hold back, Kyu,” Siwon looked at the smaller with lust as he kissed the latter deeply, earning a soft moan from the man underneath him which sent blood down his southern part.

Soon the carpeted floor was covered by the couple’s clothes, which left them only wearing tight-fitting boxers.

Kyuhyun panted as he looked at the sculptured body of his boyfriend and even under the minimal lighting, Siwon could see his beautiful lover’s faint blush and Siwon felt finally complete. There was definitely no one else as precious as this Cho Kyuhyun.

“W-Won...” Kyuhyun moaned as Siwon rubbed Kyuhyun’s inner thigh, getting closer to the wet patch on the boxers.

“Have you done this before with someone else, Kyu?” Siwon growled possessively as he ripped the last cloth on Kyuhyun’s pale and lean body.

“N-No,” Kyuhyun whimpered as Siwon grabbed his half-erect cock and stroked it slowly.

“Good, or else, I can’t promise you I will be gentle,” Siwon licked his lips as he lowered his head and inserted Kyuhyun’s manhood into his mouth before sucking gently.

“Nnh.. W-Won, no.. Stop...” Kyuhyun helplessly moaned as he struggled on the sheets, his mind blanked at how Siwon was teasing his most sensitive spot.

Just as Kyuhyun was about to come, Siwon released the younger, earning him a whine from the other.

“W-Why did you stop, Won?” Kyuhyun dazedly opened his eyes to peek at the sweaty Siwon.

Siwon simply kissed his lips gently then slowly kissed his way down Kyuhyun’s chest and stomach, marking the smooth skin before pulling Kyuhyun’s legs apart, revealing his most intimate part. Kyuhyun instinctively tried to close his legs, but Siwon was way much faster and stronger than him.

“Don’t hide yourself, Kyu. I want to see all of you,” Siwon said as he took in the beautiful view underneath him; Kyuhyun panting with his red swollen lips and his naked body covered by the marks that he made.

Smirking in satisfaction, Siwon took the lube and condom he always kept in his bedside table in case he had the chance with Kyuhyun, which was now, and was surprised when Kyuhyun suddenly held his forearm.

Siwon raised his eyebrow at how Kyuhyun was blushing even harder.

“Y-You don’t have to wear c-condoms,” Kyuhyun said as he looked away, although Siwon could see his face down to his chest was pink.

“Why?” Siwon asked with a playful smile.

“I-I heard they said it’s better if you didn’t wear it...” Kyuhyun trailed away, unable to hold his embarrassment much longer.

Siwon chuckled as he leaned towards the teenager and french-kissed him.

“Seriously, Kyu, what have I done to deserve you,” Siwon smiled affectionately at the panting boy underneath him as he lubed his fingers before probing on Kyuhyun’s puckering hole and slowly inserted a finger.

“S-Siwon! I-It hurts, t-take it out,” Kyuhyun felt like weird as the foreign thing rubbed on his walls.

“You are too tight Kyu, relax,” Siwon growled as he inserted the second finger and scissored the tight passage, coaxing more melodious sounds from Kyuhyun.

“E-Enough, Won, y-you can put it in now,” Kyuhyun mumbled incoherently but Siwon caught it and took out his fingers.

“This is going to hurt, Kyu, but you need to relax, all right?” Siwon tried to lube his huge thing as slippery as possible since hurting Kyuhyun is something he would never do.

The man then slowly positioned himself in front of Kyuhyun’s hole before slowly pushing in.

“W-Won, i-it’s huge,” Kyuhyun writhed on the bed, feeling tears rolling down his face, causing Siwon to frown in guilt.

“R-Relax Kyu,” the man wiped his lover’s tears as he pushed deeper.

Both of the couple groaned in relieve when Siwon was fully seethed in Kyuhyun.

“M-Move...” Kyuhyun moaned and wrapped his legs around Siwon’s waist as the older started to move in a medium pace.

Soon, Kyuhyun started to moan and call out Siwon’s name as the younger wrapped his arms around Siwon’s neck.

“Y-You are so huge, Won,” Kyuhyun whimpered before crying loudly when Siwon hit his bundle of nerves.

“T-There, f-faster, Won,” Kyuhyun grunted and Siwon changed the position so that he was lying on the bed with Kyuhyun on top.

“Ride me, Kyu,” Siwon smiled widely and held the younger’s hips, helping the latter to bounce on him.

Kyuhyun licked his lips lustfully before starting to move, trying to squeeze the hot rod in him.

“W-Won, ah! I-I can’t hold it anymore,” Kyuhyun put his hands on Siwon’s broad chest as he moved up and down on Siwon.

Siwon enjoyed the view on top of him. What could look better than his lover’s sweaty body with a very sexy look.

“W-Won...” Kyuhyun moaned and lost his strength as he fell on top of Siwon. Siwon who was still raging in lust thrust his hips and hit Kyuhyun’s sensitive spot harder and harder, feeling himself getting closer.

A few thrusts later, Kyuhyun felt the knot in his stomach tightening before he shouted out Siwon’s name and spurted white streaks on Siwon’s chest which some splattered on Kyuhyun’s lips.

“Shit, Kyu, you are so hot and tight,” Siwon groaned as he felt Kyuhyun’s walls tightening around him before releasing his hot seeds inside his boyfriend.

Kyuhyun whimpered as he felt the hot liquid filling him, some even trickled down his tights.

The room was filled with pants as Siwon stroked Kyuhyun’s hair, both coming down from their high.

“That was amazing, Kyu, I am never sharing you with anyone, especially Zhou Mi,” Siwon inhaled Kyuhyun’s intoxicating smell.

“Trust me when I say you are the person I’m in love with now,” Kyuhyun looked at Siwon and smiled lightly, and Siwon swore that he had the best lover ever.

“I love you, Kyu, so much. I’m never letting you go,” Siwon kissed Kyuhyun, chuckling at how Kyuhyun turned beet red.

“You idiot. Who would let you go either,” Kyuhyun hid his face in the crook of Siwon’s neck.

Siwon smiled affectionately as he stroked Kyuhyun’s face.

“But how did you know my address, Kyu? I especially told Zhou Mi to not tell you,” Siwon asked.

“You are an evil,” Kyuhyun peeked at the chuckling Siwon. “It took weeks to finally convince him, maybe with a few free drinks and a new branded bag.”

“So you bribed him...” Siwon sounded amused.

“I have to and it was really hard for a broke university student like me. You ignored my messages and calls, that is my last resort,” Kyuhyun grumbled.

“That proves you love me so much,” Siwon sounded very pleased, ignoring the smacks Kyuhyun gave him with a pillow.

“But I do love you, Won,” Kyuhyun genuinely smiled and hugged a very happy Siwon. “And maybe we should buy something for Changmin for uniting us, what do you think?”

“That would be nice, but I know someone who is single right now so maybe you can write Changmin’s number on his coffee cup when I bring him tomorrow?”

“That would be really nice.”

“I love you, Kyu.”

“Idiot, I love you too, Choi Siwon-ssi.”

A/N: So sorry for the crappy smut x(
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