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Love is Blind

Title: Love is Blind
Pairings: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Genre: Strangers!AU
Ratings: PG-13
Warnings: Blind Kyu
Summary: A blooming love between strangers in a plane.

“Be careful, Captain Cho,” a woman with shoulder-length brown hair guided her brother onto the plane.

The one-year younger brother was wearing a blue and white striped shirt and was wearing a pair of sunglasses as he slowly made his way up the short stairs into the plane. If he could see, he would saw a long line already forming behind him.

“Don’t call me that, Ahra, it’s embarrassing. I can walk well on my own,” the man said but his foot almost slipped on the last step if not his sister helping him.

“Yes, yes, I know it, if only you have your walking stick you can walk perfectly fine,” Ahra rolled her eyes as she guided the stubborn man to their seats.

“I don’t want to rely on something to walk,” the man grumbled as he sat on the seat beside the window.

“Sometimes I wonder where you get that stubbornness, Kyuhyun,” his sister sighed as she sat beside her beloved blind brother.

“You definitely have that trait too, Ahra, it is from our mother.” Kyuhyun shook his head as he leaned on the seat.

“What are you doing?” Ahra looked at Kyuhyun with a frown.

“Sleeping for the next one hour,” Kyuhyun closed his eyes and took off the sunglasses.

“No, no, no! You are not leaving me for a sleep and let me die of bore here, Cho Kyuhyun!” Ahra whined loudly before realizing where they were and lowered her voice into a hush.

“You have the TV to accompany you, while I only have my music,” Kyuhyun slid his black headphone from his neck to his ears as he pressed on his iPod Nano and soon soft music flowed around him, drowning any complain his sister threw. Although the shake Ahra gave him was a tad disturbing, a few minutes later everything went back to peace and Kyuhyun had never felt so calm in a while.


An hour later, Kyuhyun was jerked awake from the turbulence as the plane was landing, although it was more because of Ahra’s scream.

“What is it, noona?” Kyuhyun jerked towards his sister and immediately forgetting his sunglasses. It was in these kinds of moments he hoped he wasn’t blind, although his self-loathing had passed years ago.

“I bit my tongue,” the woman said unclearly and Kyuhyun needed a whole second to comprehend what his sister just said and started to laugh.

“Stop laughing!” Ahra lightly punched Kyuhyun on the arm while whining almost gibberish.

“Alright, alright, don’t talk anymore,” Kyuhyun chuckled and shook his head at his sister’s antic.

Soon, the plane came to a halt and everyone was allowed to exit the plane in an orderly manner.

Kyuhyun felt his sister standing up, so he wore his sunglasses before standing up too and held her sister’s hand. They started to walk out the aisle, but then something passed by their feet and Kyuhyun instinctively held one of the seats to maintain his balance, but he could feel the crowd pushing on him out the plane.

Panicking, Kyuhyun tightened his hold on the seat and tried to call out for his sister before a pair of hands held him. One hand held his arms and led him our of the plane while the other hand held his shoulder. Sighing in relieve, Kyuhyun followed after his sister.

“You should take care of me better you know,” Kyuhyun chuckled and felt his sister’s hand squeezing his shoulder.

As Kyuhyun felt the air from outside, his sister suddenly stopped, causing him to halt too. Kyuhyun frowned and heard murmurs beside him before his sister started to lead them out of the plane again. Soon Kyuhyun could feel the cold breeze blowing on his short hair and he smiled softly.

“I miss this island!” Kyuhyun chuckled. “We should get that ice cream in the airport, the one we always buy every time we come here.”

He felt a grunt beside him which sounded a little different than his sister, but probably his sister was just bumped that her tongue was bitten.

They entered the airport where Kyuhyun could hear the chattering of the people and the announcement broadcasted in the huge airport. Five minutes later, both stopped and Kyuhyun took the samanco from his sister and bit a big bite off the fish’s head. He could hear a faint chuckle beside him.

“Don’t laugh!” Kyuhyun grumbled and stalked away to where he hoped was the right direction.

He then felt Ahra holding his forearm and guided him towards the same direction.

“Let’s eat seafood now, I’m hungry, and don’t laugh at me. We only ate a piece of toasted bread as our breakfast!” Kyuhyun told his sister and felt his sister pulling him to what he hoped was a seafood restaurant.

They were seated and Kyuhyun could hear the waitress speaking to them.

“I want steamed fish, grilled fish, and clams. You can choose the vegetable,” Kyuhyun told his sister but heard no response, but the waitress repeated their orders anyway.

His sister must have had her tongue wounded badly.

He tapped his fingers on the table while waiting for their food, starting to get bored at the lack of entertaining things to do.

Twenty minutes later, his food came and he took the chopsticks but then felt his sister spooning the fish and vegetables into his rice bowl. Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow since his sister never pampered him like that, but he felt grateful and smiled at his sister before starting to eat.

He almost finished his rice and was gulping his food when he felt a piece of napkin wiping the edge of his sauce-stained lips. Kyuhyun swatted the hand away and shook his head.

“Starting to feel sorry for me, Ahra? I’m perfectly fine and you don’t have to worry. My depression days had passed and I have absolutely accepted the fact that I’m blind,” Kyuhyun chuckled softly as he finished his last spoon of rice and fish.

He then felt his sister squeezing his hand, but it kind of felt different from his sister’s small and soft hand, but he might be wrong.

“Have you paid? Let’s go now,” Kyuhyun stood up with the help of his sister before they exit the restaurant.

“You know Ahra, you felt taller now,” Kyuhyun turned to his sister’s direction with a smirk. “Did you change your sneakers into a pair of heels in the plane earlier?”

He felt a cough beside him and a hand squeezing his arms which Kyuhyun instantly laughed, imagining his sister’s pout.

Kyuhyun thought they were going to hail a cab outside the airport, but then he smelled the scent of coffee and he frowned.

“You still want to drink coffee? I thought your teeth might stain,” Kyuhyun shook his head but followed anyway.

They proceeded to sit down on the sofa chair and a few minutes later, he felt Ahra putting a cold latte in front of him.

“I don’t usually drink this latte, Ahra,” Kyuhyun complaint but sipped it anyway.

As his drink was half-emptied, Kyuhyun felt his sister’s hand stroking his knuckles and he almost shuddered.

“Ahra? What are you doing? Did you miss your boyfriend so badly? Sorry, but I’m your brother!” Kyuhyun grabbed his hand from the other only to be held by the latter’s hand.

Then he felt a kiss on his hand before a peck on his cheek. The blind man almost shouted in disgust when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Cho Kyuhyun! Where have you been are you okay?” his sister’s voice sounded very fluent in beside him and Kyuhyun scrunched up his eyebrows in confusion.

“W-What? Ahra didn’t we just—“

“Apparently someone kidnapped you!” his sister growled and Kyuhyun needed a minute to sink in what have happened.

“Good afternoon, Kyuhyun, it was really nice to spend time with you. My name is Choi Siwon,” a hand held his hand and an unfamiliar voice rang out in front of him.

Kyuhyun could feel his face draining out of color.

“Y-You kissed me!” was the best reaction Kyuhyun could give in the situation earning a horrified gasp from his sister also a chuckle from the other man. And Kyuhyun would have to admit that Siwon’s voice sounded like honey.


On the other side since the beginning...

Another man just finished his call from his secretary which mostly involved his secretary’s speech about him almost being late on boarding on the plane and his secretary reciting all his agendas in Jeju Island as soon as he arrived there. And he hadn’t even in the plane yet!

Siwon sighed as he looked at his watch and looked in front of him to see a couple struggling on the stairs towards the plane. There was only another person in front of him, so it won’t be too long. Having nothing better to do, he watched as the two struggled, more like the man struggled with the help of the woman. He narrowed his eyes to see the man was wearing dark glasses.

It must be hard for him.

“Be careful, Captain Cho,” he heard the woman said to the other and smiled at the funny nickname.

The man then stepped on the last step before his arms slipped from the railing and Siwon almost rushed towards them if not for the woman strongly pulling back her probably-lover. The blind man looked surprised and turned his head slightly towards the woman to say something.

It was the first time Siwon had a good look at the younger man. The taller man had to admit that the other looked cool and handsome.

It must be because I had been single for a very long time; Siwon shook his head and tried to clear his mind from the thoughts.

He looked in front again to see the line started to move again and hurriedly entered the plane although he couldn’t shake a feeling of the stranger as he walked towards his assigned seat. His secretary kept advising him to buy the business class tickets but he always preferred to sit in the economy class. He felt more comfortable and if he was lucky, he might meet someone interesting, though most interesting people were the kind ahjumma or halmoni.

He walked past the empty seats and the other passengers towards his seat.

Which happened to be right behind the man.

Siwon chuckled softly as he sat behind the man and put his duffle bag on the seat beside him. His secretary bought him two tickets and sometimes Siwon felt like Leeteuk was too paranoid for him.

He watched the interaction in front of him with fascination and when he heard the man saying that both of them were only brother and sister, Siwon couldn’t stop the giddy feeling he felt. And as he knew the other’s name, Cho Kyuhyun, the feeling grew warmer and Siwon knew he was damned. He was definitely not falling in love with some random stranger. Hell he didn’t even believe in love at first sight.

Then as the plane took off, the couple—no, no, sibling – stayed silent and Siwon unconsciously smiled at Kyuhyun’s humming as the latter was wearing his headphone.

For the next hour, Siwon played his offline games in his smartphone as the chattering of the other passengers faded in the background.


An hour later, Siwon had already kept all of his gadgets inside his duffle bag and pocket when the pilot announced that the plane would be landing when suddenly he was surprised by a scream in front of him, which was no other than Kyuhyun's sister. Seemed like the girl had her tongue bitten and earned a laugh from Kyuhyun. Siwon smiled at how melodious the guy's laugh was.

Choi Siwon, be mindful! He was a stranger and you don't even know anything about him! Siwon kept reminding himself over and over as he stood up to quickly leave the plane and the stranger.

But then the crowd turned into a little chaos as most of them were trying to quickly leave the plan and Siwon just barely had the time to catch the falling man as he saw the other in panic, before leading him out of the plane. Siwon smiled at feeling the man relaxing in his hold.

Siwon almost retorted at what Kyuhyun just said about taking care of him better but decided to against it since the man might try to flee away from him. The taller felt guilty for lying to the blind man, but he wouldn't let someone who took his heart away go this easily. As they passed a stewardess, Siwon stopped and whispered to the stewardess.

"Please tell the woman over there that I will be borrowing her brother for an hour. Please tell her to meet us at the Twosome Place coffee shop. Thank you," Siwon smiled his dimpled smile at the startled girl before leaving with Kyuhyun out of the plane.

The wind blew and messed both men's hair and Siwon blinked at the shorter's smile. It was a beautiful smile. Alright, maybe Siwon was totally whipped by this stranger, no, not stranger, but Kyuhyun.

"I miss this island!" the man shouted before turning to Siwon. "We should get that ice cream in the airport, the one we always buy every time we come here."

It was a torture for Siwon for couldn't speak out his voice and to be honest; the businessman had no idea which ice cream Kyuhyun was talking about, but Siwon wasn't going to let his chance with this boy go wasted.

He grunted in agreement and walked towards the only ice cream stand he knew. He felt his phone vibrated and checked to see it was his secretary's message. He ignored it. He wasn't going to let anything ruin his impromptu date.

Soon, they stopped in front of the ice cream stand and Siwon ordered two samanco, which was a fish shaped biscuit with ice cream inside. Hopefully it was what the younger wanted. As Kyuhyun took the ice cream, he immediately bit off the fish's head and Siwon couldn't hold his chuckle at how the other looked like an adorable boy.

"Don't laugh!" the other grumbled as he walked away and Siwon had to quickly rush after him into the crowd and held his forearm.

"Let's eat seafood now, I'm hungry, and don't laugh at me. We only ate a piece of toasted bread as our breakfast!" Kyuhyun told Siwon and Siwon frowned in worry.

Siwon was about to reprimand the boy about eating healthy breakfast and maybe offer to cook breakfast to the other every morning but remembered his situation and stayed silent.

It will be for another time, Siwon sighed as he led Kyuhyun towards the best seafood restaurant in the airport. Good thing his secretary had done a lot of researches for great restaurants to bring clients to.

The waitress then brought them to their seats and handed Siwon the menu, mindful about Kyuhyun's condition.

"I want steamed fish, grilled fish, and clams. You can choose the vegetable," Kyuhyun told Siwon, still thinking that the tall big guy was his petite sister.

Siwon unconsciously nodded and pointed the orders to the waitress, aware of not speaking at all.

Siwon waited for the waitress to repeat their orders and leaving before he stared and took a good look at the man in front of him. Kyuhyun wasn't muscular or skinny, but he was just the right size for a cuddle.

Siwon mentally slapped himself for thinking those thoughts.

The taller than observed the other's face, it was slightly chubby but there was just something about that face that made Siwon couldn't forget about the stranger, even taking great measure to steal an hour with the man.

Siwon, who wasn't actually the stalker type, took out his smartphone and took some snaps at the pouting bored man, all the while smiling fondly at the stranger who had already filled his mind not until two hours ago.

It only seemed like awhile before the waitress and waiter brought out their food and set it on the table.

Siwon started scooping the fish, clams, and vegetable onto Kyuhyun's rice before deeming it enough and started to scoop it for himself. It was then Siwon saw the other smiling at him, and Siwon was so glad he didn't miss the plane earlier.

Siwon had finished his food already since he had eaten loads of breakfast in courtesy of Leeteuk who delivered it to his doorstep very early in the morning, and he watched the younger eating with a full mouth and he couldn't help but grinning at the other.

Initiatively, Siwon took a sheet of napkin before gently wiping the edge of Kyuhyun's lips, surprising the boy. Kyuhyun immediately swatted away the hand and shook his head, leaving Siwon frowning.

"Starting to feel sorry for me, Ahra? I'm perfectly fine and you don't have to worry. My depression days had passed and I have absolutely accepted the fact that I'm blind," Kyuhyun chuckled softly but Siwon could see a bitter smile on the handsome face and Siwon felt like his heart was squeezed.

There is nothing to be sorry for you, you are perfectly normal and I'm here, Siwon wanted to say but it would definitely scare the other so instead he squeezed the other's hand.

Siwon paid the bills and helped Kyuhyun to exit the restaurant when Kyuhyun spoke up.

"You know, Ahra, you felt taller now. Did you changed your sneakers into a pair of heels in the plane earlier?" Kyuhyun commented and Siwon choked as he coughed awkwardly, only managing to squeeze the younger's arm.

Siwon looked at his Rolex and smiled bitterly at the very little time they had left together. He then held Kyuhyun's hand into the Twosome Place coffee shop which fortunately wasn't crowded.

"You still want to drink coffee? I thought your teeth might stain," he saw Kyuhyun shook his head but thankful that the younger still followed.

Siwon then helped the blind man to sit on one of the brown sofa chairs before walking to the cashier to order coffee for the both of them and Siwon made a risk to choose something he hoped the younger would like.

Which wasn't the right choice.

"I don't usually drink this latte, Ahra,” Kyuhyun complaint, but Siwon smiled as he saw the other sipping the coffee he bought for the younger.

Siwon kept smiling all the while watching Kyuhyun sipping his latte and licking his lips. Then Siwon surprised even himself by stroking Kyuhyun’s knuckles, feeling the shorter shuddered.

“Ahra? What are you doing? Did you miss your boyfriend so badly? Sorry, but I’m your brother!” Siwon’s face fell as Kyuhyun grabbed his hand away.

But then Siwon wasn’t known easily gave up and the taller immediately grabbed Kyuhyun’s hand and kissed the soft skin before standing up and leaning towards the younger to peck his cheek. He would better get rejected without any regret.

Siwon saw with slight guilt and fear as the blind man almost shouted in disgust but was thankfully stopped by none other than the latter’s sister.

“Cho Kyuhyun! Where have you been are you okay?” Siwon watched Kyuhyun’s sister hurriedly towards her brother, worry etched on her face and Siwon felt really bad.

“W-What? Ahra didn’t we just—“ Kyuhyun scrunched up his brows in confusion.

“Apparently someone kidnapped you!” Ahra – if Siwon wasn’t mistaken – turned to the tall man and glared.

 Siwon sighed at the lost of his time with Kyuhyun and held the confused man’s hand.

“Good afternoon, Kyuhyun, it was really nice to spend time with you. My name is Choi Siwon,” a hand held his hand and an unfamiliar voice rang out in front of him.

Siwon bit his lips at how his crush paled.

“Y-You kissed me!” Siwon’s crush then pointed accusingly at him and Siwon laughed in spite of the situation he was in.

“Yes, I just did, and I did not regret it even one bit, Kyu,” Siwon smiled fondly at Kyuhyun although he knew the latter won’t be able to see him.

But he will definitely make the other recognize him.


One and a half year later...

“I’m blind and I mistook you for my sister. Why didn’t you say anything when I kept talking to you about nonsense?”

“It is not nonsense, I love to hear your voice and believe it or not, I am so glad that I stole you away that time. I know your favorite coffee now,” Siwon smiled as he stroked Kyuhyun knuckles.

“So you have planned it all along,” Kyuhyun grumbled although he was smiling.

“No, I wasn’t. I just saw the opportunity when you almost fell in the plane and I took it. I don’t even believe in love at first sight,” the taller explained.

“But now you believe it?” Kyuhyun turned to his boyfriend with a naughty smirk.

“I definitely believe it now. I believe in miracles, Kyu,” Siwon grinned as he smiled fondly at his now-lover.

“I can see you, don’t look at me like that!” Kyuhyun protested, but he laughed at the dorky look at Siwon, the sunset sky in the background.

For the last year since their first destined meeting, Siwon always tried to woo Kyuhyun, but of course the younger would never took pity at the other and kept his cool facade, even when his family was already supporting their romance. But on a surprising day eleven months after both of them become close friends – what Siwon referred them to – Kyuhyun finally agreed to be the older’s lover, surprising Siwon but at the same time it was their best day in their lives.

One day another three months later, Siwon surprised Kyuhyun and his family by happily knocking on their door and announcing that there will be a way for Kyuhyun, whose eyesight was actually caused by an accident, to have his sight back. Kyuhyun was very skeptical towards the process which included at least two surgeries but his family and Siwon forced him to at least try it.

And so in the next two months, the first thing Kyuhyun saw once he got his eyesight back was how handsome Choi Siwon is and Kyuhyun never regretted giving the other a chance.

“So you would break up with me if I’m ugly?” Siwon asked Kyuhyun as the younger told him that.

“Of course I will,” Kyuhyun replied as he happily ate his dinner, seeing how delicious the food was.

“Kyu~” Kyuhyun glanced at the whining Siwon beside him, but then a smirk formed on his chubby face.

“You are teasing me!” Siwon widened his eyes at how his little angel was playing with him.

“That’s pay back for all the teasing you gave me when I couldn’t see yet. And definitely it is a revenge for kidnapping me from that plane and letting me act like a fool,” Kyuhyun laughed.

Siwon just stared at his almost-husband fondly with a dopey smile which caused Kyuhyun to stop laughing and grinned.

“Your face is idiotic, Won,” Kyuhyun chuckled as he leaned his face closer to the older’s. “But I love you and thank you so much for what you have done for me, Choi Siwon,” Kyuhyun smiled his rare affectionate smile before leaning in and kissed Siwon’s lips shyly.

The kiss was neither long nor full of passion, instead it was quick and chaste, and as Kyuhyun opened his eyes, Siwon was looking at him with a look that caused Kyuhyun’s stomach to flip and the other was holding a small velvet box on his hand, while the other hand held Kyuhyun’s smaller one.

“I hope it is not too rushed, but I have waited for this moment since I first set my eyes on you. Will you marry me, the stranger who stole my heart one and a half year ago, Cho Kyuhyun?” Siwon smiled wider and his eyes sparkled at his object of affection.

Kyuhyun who didn’t anticipate the situation - although Ahra had told him that it would happen sooner or later – just stared at the diamond ring in the box and flicked his eyes to Siwon’s hopeful expression.

I will not cry, damn it, I will not—

“Kyu?” Kyuhyun saw Siwon leaning towards him blurrily as he blinked the tears away. Unfortunately, his resolve not to cry crumbled as soon as Siwon hugged him gently as if he was very precious.

“You stupid Siwon,” Kyuhyun sobbed and choked, which Siwon then softly stroked his fiancé’s back.

“Of course I do, Choi Siwon, I do.”
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