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Lone Blood [1/?]

Title: Lone Blood [1/?]
Pairings: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Genre: Vampire!AU
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: Slight swearing, supernatural descriptions
Summary: The last member of one of the noble five clans was rescued by the leader of all vampires and his life was about to turn for the worst.


The ground and sky shook as a loud boom echoed through the night, sounds of galloping horses on the puddle followed into the huge mansion located in the middle of the woods, far, far away from the villages.

The carriage stopped in front of the mansion door before a tall lean man escorted someone out, covering the other with a black umbrella. Soon, a few loud thudding on the heavy wooden gate reverberated in the mansion, before a young butler opened the door, although his eyes showed no emotion, squinting through his monocle towards the tall man with big nose, before his eyes darted to the little figure covered by huge brown cloak, his bangs slightly wet by raindrops and face expressionless.

“Good night, Sire. My name is Zhou Mi and I’m from the Cho Clan. I believe my letter arrived this morning?” the tall guest, Zhou Mi, wiped his wet forehead as he looked straight at the motionless butler.

“Yes, Viscount Zhou Mi. Count Siwon had been expecting your presence in his reading room. If I may escort you,” the butler slightly bowed before opening the door wider for the two guests and led them pass the grand foyer, into the grand study room. On the golden rococo arm chair, sat the one and only Count Siwon, from the pure-blood family of Choi Clan. The ruler of the whole vampire.

The butler knocked on the opened door and bowed towards his leader. “Good night, Count Siwon. Viscount Zhou Mi had arrived.”

“You may leave us, Kai,” the count motioned with his hand, the book he was reading earlier placed on the black wood side table beside the arm chair.

The door closed with a thud and Count Siwon, although smiling but still had the respectful aura, motioned for the guest to sit down on the chaise lounge. His smile died down as he saw the little figure sitting beside Zhou Mi.

“I’m really sorry to bother you late night, Count Siwon, but the matter is urgent,” Zhou Mi slightly bowed as he touched the boy’s hood-covered head. “This is Earl Cho Kyuhyun,” he paused at how the count was looking at the poor boy before continuing, “He is the last of the pure-blood Cho Clan.”

The count’s eyes immediately widened, losing his composure, he looked at Zhou Mi, demanding explanation.

“The attack happened so fast, as soon as the enemy passed through the mansion gate, I immediately bring Earl Kyuhyun here, just as how I am instructed as the Cho Clan’s guardian,” Zhou Mi explained solemnly.

“Who are the enemies, do you know them?” Count Siwon frowned.

“I didn’t get the chance to see their faces, but there is no doubt them,” Viscount Zhou Mi’s expression tightened as he looked at the highest rank vampire.

“I will try my best to find them and what they want,” Count Siwon nodded as he looked at the carving on his ring.

“Thank you, Count Siwon. I have to entrust Earl Kyuhyun in your hands. I promise I will occasionally visit him, but for the mean time, I have something more important to do,” Zhou Mi stood up and bowed at the other man.

Siwon nodded in understanding and saw the man retreating out of the study room.

The count rubbed his face and looked at the very quiet boy, who was looking at him with a poker-face.

“Cho Kyuhyun, is it?” Siwon put on his friendly face, his real face, the facade he had never shown anyone in more than ten centuries, and slowly approached the boy.

The boy simply watched him, no reaction at all.

“Kyuhyun?” Siwon squatted in front of the boy. “My name is Choi Siwon, and you will be living with me starting from today. You are save with me, Kyu.”

“Umma and appa,” the boy suddenly called, surprising Siwon. “They are dead, aren’t they?”

The boy was eerily calm as he locked his eyes with Siwon’s widened ones.

“K-Kyu,” Siwon blinked, trying to form a logical explanation for a five-year-old child.

“I saw the vampire ripping off my umma’s throat and another vampire striking his hand pass my appa,” the boy continued, his eyes showing no emotion at all.

“You will be save here, Kyu. I promise,” Siwon promised himself and the boy.

The boy simply looked at the man without any movement.


“He never talked anymore,” Count Siwon glanced at the boy before looking back at Viscount Zhou Mi, who was sitting opposite to him with a grave look.

The boy was currently sitting on a window sill far away from them, his short legs swinging out the room.

“He wouldn’t even respond to anyone,” the ruler of vampires stood up and walked towards the oblivious boy, followed by the equally worried count, who had finally visited his master after a month.

“How about his power?” Zhou Mi asked.

“None showed yet,” Siwon shook his head as they stopped a few distances behind the little boy.

“Kui Xian, I’m back,” Zhou Mi called his master by his endearment and put a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

Kyuhyun immediately turned around and clung to the tall vampire.

“Zhou Mi ge,” the boy called out as he leaned his head on the guardian’s black robe, although the boy didn’t really show any expression.

“I’m here, Kui Xian, don’t be scared,” Zhou Mi stroked the little vampire’s brown puffy hair and saw Siwon leaving them alone. “Why don’t you talk to Count Siwon, Kui Xian? He is good to you, isn’t he?” Zhou Mi sat squatted in front of the boy and frowned.

“He is nice to me,” Kyuhyun replied. “But he is not you.”

Zhou Mi chuckled and pinched the boy’s chubby cheeks lightly.

“You need to behave, alright? He will be the one to protect you and he is the leader of all vampires,” Zhou Mi explained.

Kyuhyun just nodded and stared at the ground. “Are you leaving me again?” he asked in a small voice after a few seconds of silence.

“I have something important to do, but I promise I will come back for you, Kyu,” Zhou Mi smiled and patted the boy’s head.

“Promise?” the boy looked at the tall man with wide-doe eyes.

“Promise, Kyu,” Zhou Mi nodded and smiled widely before Siwon reentered the room.

“My time here’s finished, Shi—I mean Count Siwon,” Zhou Mi bowed at Choi Siwon.

“You can just call me by any name, Zhou Mi,” Siwon chuckled and squeezed the other’s shoulder. “Choi and Cho should merge, don’t you think?”

Zhou Mi just grinned before leaving the mansion.

“Count Siwon, I want ice cream,” Kyuhyun looked up at the respectable man, surprising the man himself. If Zhou Mi asked him to be nice, then he will. After all, Zhou Mi was the only person he had and he was a big boy now.

“Just call me Siwon, Kyu,” Siwon smiled happily and stroked the boy’s soft hair.

“Siwon...nie...” Kyuhyun looked at the strong vampire with wide eyes, even the leader of vampires had a hard time dealing with that look.

A few minutes later, both vampires of different ages sat in the dining room, with the little vampire sucking his blood ice cream, while the oldest vampire was staring at the child with a tender look.

“Is it delicious?” Siwon asked and smiled at how the boy was eating messily, typical of a child.

Kyuhyun nodded and smiled for the very first time in Choi’s mansion.

It would definitely lighten up the whole vampire race.


“Silence!” Count Choi Siwon’s sound echoed through the huge drawing room and the room became very silent.

Every vampire in the room stood up and bowed down at their great lord, and Count Choi motioned for them to sit on the available furnish, which was more than enough for less than the fifty leaders of each clan in the room, although some preferred to stood.

“Firstly, I thank all of the respectable leaders of each vampire clans to attend tonight’s conclave. As everyone who received the invitation knew, everything that will be announced and said tonight was to be kept a secret even to your trusted subordinate and whoever broke that rule will have their heart striked,” Siwon started and swept his intense gaze over the room and was satisfied to receive many nods.

“I believe everyone must have had known why we are gathered here. News travel fast, I suppose, so I would skip all the formalities. As most of you have heard, there had been an attack on the Cho’s Clan, and unfortunately, Count Cho could not escape,” Siwon broke down the big bomb, earning loud gasps in the room.

“But it was a blessing that his five-year-old son, Earl Cho Kyuhyun, survived, and now he is living with me,” Siwon finished, observing the expressions of the many vampires on his land.

“B-But Count Choi! It is the Cho Clan you are taking in!”

“What about the leaders?”

“Will he lead his family now?”

“Count Siwon!”

Siwon rose up a hand and the room turned peaceful again.

“He is in the only master left in the Cho Clan with his guardian Zhou Mi. As everyone know, since hundred of thousands of years, the strongest families in the five noble clans were the Choi and the Cho, so it is undeniable that I am the best choice to be taking care of Earl Cho until he is capable of rebuilding the remains of his clan,” Siwon tightened his face, daring anyone to oppose him.

Everyone stayed silent, except for the master of the Kim Clan, Count Kim Young Woon, who was accompanied by his consort, Count Park Jeong Su from the fallen Park Clan.

“What about his power? Could that power empower him to build up the Cho Clan again?” the huge vampire inquired, earning a few mumble from the others.

“Earl Kyuhyun is still too young to be showing his power, but no descendant from the Cho Clan is weak,” Siwon finished, his tone showing no space for further discussion, but he asked anyway. “Any more questions?”

“Then he will be in your care, Count Siwon,” one of the low ranked clan leader bowed down, although his tone showed mockery. “He is still young and a vulnerable vampire and you know what will happen to newborn and orphan vampires.”

Siwon kept his composure and willed himself to not fly the man out the mansion through the huge french window.

“Do you doubt my capability to take care of Earl Cho?” Siwon raised his head and scrutinized the vampire.

“Of course not, Count Choi. We are always anticipating for the worst,” the vampire bowed, but his smirk visible.

“Yes, we are, but never doubt your leader,” Siwon’s voice boomed and the Count smirked at the smell of fear thick in the room. “Well then, once again, I am pleased to see most leaders of the clans here. I bid you farewell and may the bloodlines be with you,” Siwon concluded. “My butlers would show you the way out of the mansion,” the vampire straightened his hand towards the line of butlers neatly lined up beside the tall wooden door.

A minute later, most lower ranked vampires fled the room, leaving only a few strong clan leaders in the room observing their master Count Siwon, before they walked out the room only to stop right in front of the drawing room.

The little boy looked up at the scary vampires with big eyes, his gaze unwavering before he turned his head to Siwon who was walking towards him.

“This is Earl Kyuhyun?” Count Lee Sungmin asked as he squatted in front of a boy with a smile, which in different circumstances would cause chills.

“The last leader of the Cho Clan,” Siwon nodded and ruffled the boy’s hair though his face didn’t smile at all.

“Nice to meet you, Earl Kyuhyun, my name is Lee Sungmin,” Count Sungmin smiled wider as he patted the unmoving boy’s chubby cheeks.

Kyuhyun simply stared at the man with no expression before looking up at Siwon.

“It is pass his bedtime already,” Siwon said as he held the little boy’s hand and looked out at the light of dawn out the glass windows.
“Then we are sorry to impose,” the leaders bowed before walking out of the mansion.

Siwon looked at Kyuhyun who was looking at the ground and carried the boy, before taking a small cup of blood from one of the servant as Kyuhyun’s supper.

“Siwonnie... Would you leave me again?” Kyuhyun took the cup and looked at Siwon with doe eyes, and Siwon would be damned if he said it didn’t move him.

“Of course not, Kyu, I will never leave you and that is my promise to you,” Siwon held out his pinky finger with a friendly smile.

Kyuhyun sipped the sweet blood and entwined his own little pinky finger around Siwon’s, smiling happily at the older with blood stained lips and fangs.

The Count had never felt such feeling like that before.

But it was the best feeling since thousands of years he had lived.
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