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Hello, Babysitter

Title: Hello, Babysitter
Pairings: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Genre: Single Parent!AU
Ratings: PG-13
Warnings: Slight swearing
Summary: Kyuhyun was asked to babysit Siwon’s baby, and now everyone thought he was married. Part of! series.

1. Hello, Single Father

“ Try calling appa, Hae,” Siwon, who squatted in front of his nine-months old son, cooed at at the baby one fine morning as the father and son were eating breakfast.

“Kyu umma!” Donghae laughed happily, calling out the only two words he knew. The last few weeks of constantly calling out those two words made him good at pronouncing them.

“Donghae-ah, why won’t you call appa?” Siwon sighed as he looked at his laughing baby exasperatedly.

The tall man then glanced at the clock wall before throwing all dirty plates in the sink and carried Donghae.

“We will practice again when appa come home later, okay?” Siwon slightly shook his giggling son before both entered Siwon’s Audi.

Fifteen minutes later, the flashy car stopped in front of a grumpy suit-wearing man before the shorter entered the car.

“Good morning, Kyu,” Siwon smiled widely as he stepped on the gas pedal again.

Kyuhyun merely grunted while wearing the safety belt.

“Kyu, can you tell me how you make Donghae call your name?” Siwon side-glanced at the younger.

“What?” Kyuhyun frowned at the stupid question. “I didn’t teach your son.”

“Then, why—“

“Maybe you should stop saying my name so many times in front of your son,” Kyuhyun snorted, earning a blush from the CEO.

“Kyu umma!” the baby squealed from behind, delighted seeing his favorite person.

Sighing, Kyuhyun turned to free the baby from the baby seat and put the boy on his lap.

“Kyu umma!” the happy giggled as he tried to reach Kyuhyun’s short hair.

“Yes, it is me; can you please not grab my hair and not call me your umma?” Kyuhyun grumbled, although his face show tenderness at the child, which warmth Siwon’s heart as he watched his son’s interaction with his infatuated one.

“Umma! Umma!” Donghae cheekily called the other.

“He is just like you,” Kyuhyun concluded as he hold the youngest’s hands to prevent the baby from pulling his hair.

“Of course, he is my baby,” Siwon said proudly with a chuckle, patting his son’s head affectionately.

The car came to a halt and Kyuhyun put the baby back to the baby’s seat, not without the wail of the upset boy.

“I will see you again later, Hae. Don’t be a cry baby,” Kyuhyun said a little sternly as he left the car.

“He is so suitable to be your mom, right, Hae?” Siwon smiled foolishly at Kyuhyun’s retreating figure.

The baby stopped crying.

“You are leaving Donghae with me?” Kyuhyun scowled at the taller male beside him as the car drove passed the bus station.

“It is only for three days, Kyu. I have an urgent meeting out town and I can’t think of anyone better other than you to take care of Hae. And Hae is definitely attached to you already, Kyu. Please?” Siwon looked the lawyer beside him pleadingly.

“Watch the road, Won,” Kyuhyun warned the other before sighing and glancing at the jovial baby on his lap. “Do I have any other choice?”

Kyuhyun had again took Donghae out of the baby’s seat and put it on his lap the moment he entered the car when Siwon picked him up from work.

“It is only for the night and morning, Kyu. You can still work like usual,” Siwon grinned before the car stopped in front of Kyuhyun’s apartment.

Kyuhyun put the baby back into his seat before exiting the car, not before saying goodbye to only the distressed baby.

“Good night, Kyu. Sleep tight,” was the last thing Kyuhyun heard before he walked into his apartment.

“So this is Donghae’s diapers, baby milk, and baby food,” Siwon placed all the said things on Kyuhyun’s coffee table very early in the morning.

“It’s too early, Won,” Kyuhyun rubbed his eyes and grumbled.

“I’m sorry, Kyu, but my flight was in four in the morning and the daycare hadn’t open yet,” Siwon looked at him with guilt.

Kyuhyun looked at the tired Siwon in front of him before his eyes glanced to the sleeping baby on his couch.

“Then I’ll be going, Kyu. I’m sorry to bother you. Say bye to Hae for me,” Siwon grinned before walking out of the room, escorted by Kyuhyun.

“Don’t sleep too late, and you need to eat when it’s the time. Hae will video call you every night,” Kyuhyun said, the younger’s face not meeting Siwon’s as a faint blush could be seen even under the minimal light.

“And safe flight,” the lawyer mumbled before shutting the door right in front of the surprised Siwon.

“Kyu?” Siwon knocked on the door, but nothing could be heard again. “Have a good day, Kyu. I will miss you,” Siwon said slightly louder, before walking back to his car.

“Idiot,” Kyuhyun – who was carrying little Hae into his bedroom – muttered, although there was a smile adorning his face.

“Kyu umma!” Donghae kept calling each time he gulped the baby food Kyuhyun fed him.

“Hae, stop calling me umma. You can call me Kyu, but I’m not your umma, okay?” Kyuhyun sighed as he told the baby softly.

“Kyu... umma?” Hae looked up at his favorite person with wide tear-filled eyes. “Umma! Umma!” the boy started to thrash around with a loud cry.

“Hae, Donghae, you might fall,” Kyuhyun frowned and put the baby in his arms.

“Umma! Kyu umma!” Donghae kept crying as Kyuhyun rocked the baby in his arms.

“Alright, alright, you can call me that, only when your appa wasn’t here alright?” Kyuhyun looked at the baby fondly as the baby started to giggle and cling to him.

“Kyu umma,” Donghae called again with a big gummy smile.

“Alright, now we need to put you in the daycare and I need to work,” Kyuhyun said as he carried the baby and walked to the bus stop.

Twenty five minutes later, Kyuhyun passed baby Hae to the smiley worker with the name tag Jessica.

“Good morning, Donghae,” the lady cooed as the carried the baby. “Are you his uncle?” Jessica asked Kyuhyun.

“Oh, no, I’m not his uncle, I’m his—“

“Umma! Kyu umma!” Donghae exclaimed cheekily.

“I’m definitely not his mother. I’m just his neighbor,” Kyuhyun’s face turned red in embarrassment before he turned and left, not before saying goodbye to a happy Donghae.

“Kyu! You coming with us to drink? It had been a while since we have fun together,” Kyuhyun’s best colleague, Changmin, popped his head into Kyuhyun’s office room.

“I’ll pass,” Kyuhyun replied as he hastily took all his important documents and put it into his black suitcase.

“Man, you are no fun!” Changmin whined. “Come on, please?”

“I will pass, Min, I already have a plan tonight,” Kyuhyun stood up and left the room, passing his dejected best friend.

“Aww, with that single daddy?” Changmin’s frown turned into a smirk as the taller raised an eyebrow.

“No, Min,” Kyuhyun scowled at his busy-body friend.

“I don’t believe you at all, Kyuhyun! Have a nice night~” Changmin cackled as he saw his friend’s retreating back into the elevator.

Kyuhyun grumbled all the way out of the apartment about Changmin. Since he told the other about Siwon the second week since he met the single father, which was three months ago, the taller had kept bothering him. He asked when Kyuhyun would date the stranger, or when Kyuhyun would actually introduce the other to Changmin. Kyuhyun had made a mental note to not tell his so-called best friend that the son of that stranger had called him umma.

Kyuhyun’s train of thoughts was interrupted by his phone vibrating in his pocket.

From: Annoying Single Dad
Subject: I miss you L

Night, Kyu. How are you, have a good day?
How’s Hae? I hope he is not bothering you.
Tell him I love you, you can also tell yourself that ;)
I miss you and Hae, Kyu.
Call me back soon?

Kyuhyun shook his head but smiled at the message, before putting the phone into his pocket without replying.

Two bus stops later, Kyuhyun stopped in front of the day care, where another worker named Sooyoung greeted him.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Sooyoung, are you here to pick someone up?”

“I’m here to pick Donghae up. Choi Donghae,” Kyuhyun told the tall woman.

“ are?” the lady looked at Kyuhyun in suspicion.

“I’m Cho Kyuhyun, I’m friends with Donghae’s father, Choi Siwon. Siwon was working out town right now,” Kyuhyun explained, gaining an understanding look on Sooyoung’s face.

“Ah, I see, you are the Kyu Siwon-ssi and little Hae always talk about,” Sooyoung winked with a giggle.

“W-What?” Kyuhyun widened his eyes as his face turned tomato.

“Siwon-ssi was always smiling happily whenever he came, carrying an equally cheerful Donghae as well. He sometimes talked about you, how you taught him to take care of Donghae,” Sooyoung told the dumbfounded Kyuhyun. “And little Hae here was always calling Kyu umma, Kyu umma,” Sooyoung chuckled at how red the man in front of her was.

“I-I didn’t know that,” Kyuhyun murmured as he looked away.

“Alright, alright, but you are a match with Siwon-ssi, Kyuhyun-ssi. And Donghae definitely likes you, even his first word is your name,” Sooyoung laughed before entering the daycare to bring out Donghae.

Kyuhyun cursed under his breath and took out his phone, which was still displaying Siwon’s message.

To: Annoying Single Dad
Subject: -

I hate you.

Satisfied, the lawyer took Donghae back from the woman’s arms and mumbled a “good night” before leaving for the bus stop.

“Kyu umma, Kyu umma, Kyu umma,” Donghae kept calling all the way to the bus stop.

“What is it, Hae?” Kyuhyun glanced at the baby on his arms.

“Umma,” Donghae called again as he leaned his head on Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

Kyuhyun chuckled and stroked the boy’s head softly. “Are you hungry?”


“Alright, Hae, alright, we will eat when we get home,” Kyuhyun said, sitting on the bus seat and put Donghae on his lap.

The lawyer then took out his phone whose light was blinking, indicating there was a message.

From: Annoying Single Dad
Subject: Whyyyyy?????

Why Kyu? What’s wrong?
Did I do something wrong? Tell me Kyu, please?
Will you still call me tonight?

Kyuhyun merely grunted and turned off the phone screen before putting it back into his phone pocket.

“Kyu umma?” Donghae called out again as the bus stopped, their queue to exit the bus.

“Come on, Hae, we are home,” Kyuhyun hugged Donghae and exited the bus.

Unlocking Kyuhyun’s apartment door, Kyuhyun put the baby on his couch before he entered the kitchen to make baby food for Donghae, and heat last night’s pizza for him. Deeming the food was edible for the baby; he brought it to Donghae and slowly fed the boy easily.

Three slices of pizza for the adult later, the male carried Donghae into the bathroom to slowly bath the boy in his bathtub.

“Umma! Kyu umma!” Donghae splashed the soap water at Kyuhyun’s direction.

“Stop that Hae!” Kyuhyun laughed, although his clothes were drenched.

In a few minutes later, Kyuhyun found himself in the bathtub together with little Hae, which the boy kept laughing and giggling.

“Alright, Hae, time to dry us up, or you will catch cold,” Kyuhyun stood up, earning a whine from the baby.

Kyuhyun proceeded to dry little Hae first with fluffy white towel then dry himself.

“Now, let’s call your appa,” Kyuhyun carried the baby to his bedroom and video called Siwon from his smartphone.

A few dialling tone later, the screen was filled with Siwon’s smile.

“Kyu! Kyuhyun! You called!” Siwon looked at his crush through the phone’s camera.

“Shut up, it’s Hae who want to see you,” Kyuhyun scowled as he put the baby in front of the phone.

“Hello, Hae, did you miss appa?” Siwon chuckled at how his baby was giggling. “Try calling, come on, Hae, appa...”

“So that’s what you have been teaching your son all this time...” Kyuhyun mumbled and shook his head.

“Kyu umma!” Hae instead called Kyuhyun.

“Look, he only calls your name, Kyu, that’s unfair!” Siwon whined, not unlike his son.

After fifteen minutes of the video call, which mostly included Siwon making cheesy comments and cooing at his son, and Kyuhyun only grunting occasionally, they finally said their good night and ended the call.

“Umma, umma, Kyu umma!” Donghae kep calling as Kyuhyun prepared the baby’s crib which Siwon brought to his apartment earlier that morning. Kyuhyun still wondered how the sedan could fit such huge crib.

“Okay, now sleep tight, Hae,” Kyuhyun put the baby into the crib, only to cause the boy to cry.

“Kyu umma! Umma!” the boy tried to climb up the crib, but of course his baby legs couldn’t hold him.

“I can’t sleep with you, Hae. I might crush you,” Kyuhyun sighed as  he thought about how messy he would be when he was asleep.

Rubbing his temple, the lawyer then took a soft blanket to cover the thrasing baby and pulled the wheeled crib towards his bed and put it side by side. Kyuhyun then lied down on his soft bed and reached out his hand to the wooden crib.

“Hold my hand, Hae, and sleep. We need to wake up early tomorrow,” Kyuhyun told the confused baby before closing his eyes.

“Umma...” Donghae called out again and held Kyuhyun’s hand with his baby paws, although the little boy’s tone sounded sleepy.

“Good night, Hae, sleep well,” Kyuhyun told the baby.

“Kyu umma...” the little boy called again.

Kyuhyun sighed before slightly squeezing the baby’s hand and started to sing a tune he knew so well from his childhood. Soon enough, he felt the baby’s hold loosened and he himself, drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

“Kyu umma~”

Bzz. Bzz. Bzz.

“Umma~ Umma~”

Bzz. Bzz. Bzz.

“What...” Kyuhyun woke up to the noisiest morning of his life and he looked around his dark bedroom, trying to process the sounds.

Bzz. Bzz. Bzz.

That was his vibrating phone, indicating there was an incoming call.

“Kyu umma! Umma~”

And that was a baby. Baby... Hae!

“Donghae!” Kyuhyun jerked awake and looked at the crib to his left.

The baby giggled at the adult’s funny act.

“Kyu umma,” little Hae called with a giggle.

“What time is it now... Can the phone shut up,” Kyuhyun grumbled as he picked up his vibrating phone.

“Kyu! Good morning, how are you and Hae?” Siwon’s cheerful voice brightened the room, although not Kyuhyun’s mood.

“Talk to you later, I need to prepare,” Kyuhyun told the other before hanging up and threw his phone to the bed, hurrying carrying little Hae into the bathroom.

Ten minutes of a very rushed preparing later, Kyuhyun ran towards the bus stop with an ever sourer face than usual since he missed his morning coffee.

“See you later, Hae,” Kyuhyun called out to the wailing baby in the daycare before running to hail a taxi to work.

“And that’s how I’m late to work,” Kyuhyun concluded as he irritatedly watched a laughing Siwon on his smartphone screen. “Can you please stop laughing?”

“I’m so sorry, Kyu,” Siwon said after stopped laughing. “I should have called you every morning.”

“No, that is a terrible idea where my mood will turn even worse every morning,” Kyuhyun deadpanned.

“You are so mean, Kyu,” Siwon pouted before his face lit up again seeing his baby. “Well how are you, Hae?”

Donghae just laughed and touched the screen with his small palm.

“Are you coming home tomorrow night?” Kyuhyun asked the older as he put Donghae between his legs, sitting down on the bed.

“Yes, that’s the plan. I can’t wait to see you and Hae, Kyu. I miss you so much,” Siwon smiled as he stared at Kyuhyun from his phone camera.

“We met yesterday very early in the morning, Won. Don’t be so cheesy,” Kyuhyun said with a laugh, and honestly, Siwon had never seen something so beautiful before.

“Laugh for me like that when I get home, Kyu,” Siwon smiled goofily.

“Shut up...” Kyuhyun looked away with a blush, and even with the grainy camera, Siwon could still see the red adorning his crush.

After an awkward moment of staring at each other, Kyuhyun cleared his throat. “It’s late, you need to sleep for tomorrow, don’t wake up late, Won.”

“See you tomorrow, Kyu,” Siwon smiled his dimpled smile at a blushing Kyuhyun before he shifted his attention to his wide-eyes Hae.  “Hae, take care of your umma for appa, arasseo?”

“Choi Siwon!”

“Kyu umma!” was the last thing Siwon heard from the video call before Kyuhyun shut it off.

“Your appa is a pabo, you know Hae?” Kyuhyun chuckled as he put Donghae in the baby’s crib.

“Kyu! Kyu! Kyu umma! Umma!” Donghae kept wailing as Kyuhyun laid down on his own bed.

“Hae, go to sleep,” Kyuhyun stroked the baby’s hand as the baby kept calling his name.

“Umma! Kyu umma!” Donghae started to sob and it was one of Kyuhyun’s weaknesses.

“Alright, Hae, what do you want?” Kyuhyun picked up the crying boy and the baby instantly stopped crying.

“What am I going to do with you and your appa, hmm?” Kyuhyun put the boy on his king-sized bed and laid down beside the baby, praying that he wouldn’t crush the baby.

“Umma...” Donghae mumbled as his eyes slowly drooped, earning a fond smile from the lawyer.

Kyuhyun stared at the phone beside his pillow before opening his camera and took a snap of himself and a sleeping Donghae beside him.

To: Annoying Single Dad
Subject: -

[You have attached a picture]

The next morning – which was much, much better than the last morning – Kyuhyun saw there was 21 missed calls, all from the same person, which was no other then the baby in his arms’ father.

From: Annoying Single Dad
Subject: I’m jealous L

You are so mean Kyu! You know I couldn’t meet the both of you now. L

From: Annoying Single Dad
Subject: I miss you

I miss you and Hae so much, Kyuuuuuuu L L L

From: Annoying Single Dad
Subject: Good night, Kyu

I know you are asleep, sweet dreams. I will meet you in your dreams.

So cheesy, Kyuhyun rolled his eyes as he ignored the other few messages from Choi Siwon.

“Umma!” Donghae wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun’s neck as the adult carried the boy down the bus to the daycare.

“Your appa will be home tonight, Hae. What should we surprise him with?” Kyuhyun asked the boy on his arms as they walked away from the daycare.

“Umma~ Umma~” little Hae kept chanting as they entered the grocery store.

“You should call appa to him later, Hae. He will be euphoric.”

“Umma...?” Donghae looked at Kyuhyun wide-eyes, although, Kyuhyun noticed the boy wasn’t looking at him but looking at something behind him.

Kyuhyun frowned and turned around, only to scream in surprise as someone he recognized so well startled the lawyer.

“Choi Siwon! I’m going to kill you!” Kyuhyun growled as he glared at the laughing man.

“I’m sorry, Kyu, I just want to surprise you,” Siwon smiled widely.

“You are lucky I’m carrying your son or I would have punched you, Won,” the lawyer stalked before walking away.

“Kyu, I missed you,” Siwon held one of Kyuhyun’s hands and looked at the other fondly.

“Your son missed you,” the younger simply said, motioning the baby in his arms.

“Hae? Did you miss appa?” Siwon cooed at his laughing son.

“!” the little boy stretched his arms towards his father.

“H-Hae? Did you just call appa?” Siwon blinked at his giggling son.

“Wo...nnie!” Little Hae giggled as his appa carried him.

“My son just called me!” Siwon grinned excitedly as he played with his son.

“! Umma!” Donghae called happily as Siwon put the boy on his shoulder.

“Yes, yes, we are your parents, Hae,” Siwon chuckled.

“I’m not his umma,” Kyuhyun mumbled, although a smile is evident on his face.

Whatever Siwon was trying to retort was lost when a female’s voice startled them.

“Ara, Kyuhyun is it?”

The adults and baby turned around to see a pretty lady behind them.

“Ah, it is you!” the girl clapped her hands in glee.

“Seohyun?” Kyuhyun looked at the girl in surprise. “Shouldn’t you be Busan right now?”

“I came here to visit my parents,” the girl smiled before her eyes darted to a confused Siwon and the baby who was pouting at the girl.

“Oh, this is—“

“Are you married, Kyuhyun? Congratulations!” the girl seemed really happy as she hugged Kyuhyun.

“No, Seohyun, he is just—“

“I need to go now; it is really nice to see you, Kyuhyun. Let’s meet up somewhere while I’m still in Seoul. Bye!” Seohyun grinned before leaving the stuttering Kyuhyun.

Beside him, Siwon was laughing really happily that Kyuhyun couldn’t hold the urge to stomp on the taller’s foot.

“Ouch! Kyu! So who is she?” Siwon kept laughing.

“She is my distant relative who was supposed to be in Busan,” Kyuhyun told the other.

“She thinks we are married! Hae, you have an umma now!” Siwon cooed at his laughing baby.

“No, shut it, Won,” Kyuhyun glared before he stalked away.

“Now my family is complete,” Kyuhyun heard Siwon sighing in relieve before he stalked away, and Kyuhyun would be damned if it wasn’t warming his heart.

Three mornings later after little Hae went back to his appa, Saturday to be exact, Kyuhyun was awoken up with a few knocks on his door and muffled noises that sounded like a baby’s call.

“Wait a minute!” Kyuhyun called up as he wore his house slippers and opened the door, revealing a happy appa and an equally happy baby.

“Kyu umma!” baby Hae laughed and stretched his arms towards the still-sleepy grumpy lawyer.

“What? Won, why are you here?” Kyuhyun dazedly carried the baby and walked into the living room.

“I asked you to babysit for only two nights and now my son keeps asking when you will spend time with him again,’ Siwon said, although his tone showed no accusation. Instead, he was looking at Kyuhyun fondly.

Kyuhyun cleared his throat and looked at the baby instead, ignoring how his stomach was churning.

“You should take a better care for your son. You are his appa after all,” Kyuhyun told the other man as he put the baby on the couch.

“I don’t mind, as long as it is you who he asks for,” Siwon smiled his dimpled smile and Kyuhyun had to hurry into the kitchen to prevent the older from seeing his blush.

Thirty minutes later, the food was served on the coffee table. All were Korean dishes cooked by Siwon obviously, since the lawyer couldn’t even cook ramen well, although the younger definitely wouldn’t tell anyone.

Kyuhyun started scooping up rice onto his plate, and thankfully, baby Hae had eaten before the father and son came or else Kyuhyun would chew Siwon’s ears off.

It was when Siwon’s phone lit up on the table – an incoming message – that Kyuhyun saw the wallpaper on the screen. It was the picture he sent to Siwon. A picture of himself and a sleeping Hae.

And Kyuhyun couldn’t stop smiling that day.

3. Hello, Roommate
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