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A Tale of Two Dogs (Domestic!AU || PG-13)

As a spoiled toy poodle, Kyuhyun had never really intercated with any other dogs. What will happen if he was forced to live with a dog five times his size?

Wonkyu Drabbles (College!AU, Detention!AU, Superhero!AU || NC-17)

Just random Siwon/Kyuhyun drabbles, mostly turning into a smut situation.

Let's Read! (Kid!AU || PG)

It is Kyuhyun's first day in preschool. The school looked really nice and the teachers were really kind. What could go wrong?

Valentine's Gift (NC-17)

The best valentine's gift Siwon and Kyuhyun had ever got.

Once Upon a Night (Cop!AU || PG)

It was two in the morning and Kyuhyun was just driving home when something happened, and now, he was stuck with a very annoying policeman.

Love is Blind (Strangers!AU || PG-13)

A blooming love between strangers in a plane.

Over a Cup of Coffee (Coffee shop!AU || NC-17)

Changmin and Kyuhyun were spending their summer holiday working part time in a coffee shop and Kyuhyun was interested in one of the frequent customers, but as always, Changmin blew things up and now Kyuhyun had to deal with the mess.


Are You My Mate? (Werewolf!AU || NC-17) Completed

Kyuhyun had always known that he was a werewolf, shifting into the beast once every year during full moon. But what he didn't know is, the new city he would reside in was full of werewolves. Little did he know, an alpha, the leader of the pack which he learnt to fear, had taken an interest in him.
Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Exclusive Boyfriend (Vacation!AU, Office!AU || NC-17) Completed

After ten years of dating, Kyuhyun was dumped by his boyfriend of three days before his college reunion, which happened to be Valentine's Day too, and Kyuhyun will do whatever it takes to not embarrass himself in front of his college friends, including asking his boss to pretend to be his couple.
Chapter 1 | 2 | 3

Lone Blood (Vampire!AU || NC-17)

The last member of one of the noble five clans was rescued by the leader of all vampires and his life was about to turn for the worst.
Prologue | Chapter 1


My Neighbor (s) is an Idiot (Neighbor!AU)

1. A (Very Huge) Hole and a Dog (PG-13)

Residing in an old worn down but cheap apartment room, Kyuhyun was in for a surprise when he met his new wealthy neighbor in a very unpleasant circumstance.

2. Fairygod Bugsy and the Fire Alarm (PG-13)

Kyuhyun always sets up the fire alarm whenever he was cooking and Bugsy always sneaked into Kyuhyun's apartment to steal something from the fridge.! (Single Parent!AU)

1. Hello, Single Father (PG-13)

A broken car and a cramped trip on bus weren't as bad as how Siwon thought his day would be.

2. Hello, Babysitter (PG-13)

Kyuhyun was asked to babysit SIwon's baby, and now everyone thought he was married.

3. Hello, Roommate (PG-13)

Kyuhyun messaged Siwon to never pick him up anymore and next time Siwon saw him, the younger was acting close with someone else. Does that mean the end?



Wonkyu Drabbles (College!AU, Detention!AU, Superhero!AU || NC-17)

Wonkyu Long Drabbles (Vampire!AU, Suicide Squad!AU || NC-17)
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