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Wonkyu Drabbles

A/N: So my other first time, in writing drabble and most of them are close to smut, since I don't really know about drabbles xs . Just fair warning, it would make you sexually frustrated xD


"Won, we shouldn't do it here," a lean pale-skinned boy struggled on the locker bench as another teenage boy pinned him on the hard surface, kissing him hard with tongue and teeth.

The shorter was wearing only a pair of boxers and socks, while the other was wearing the same, only adding a white wife-beater.

"No one would see us, Kyu. The other players were already outside, probably in the crazy party organized by Tiffany and the girls," the taller guy, Siwon, wedged one of his knees between the pale boy's legs, rubbing at the growing hard on.

"We can just do it at your room," the younger, Kyuhyun, tried to push Siwon's chest, but of course without avail.

"Do you know how long I have waited to have you to myself? Seeing you in that sleeveless basketball jersey and you aren't even wearing an under vest," Siwon pinched and twisted the pink buds on Kyuhyun's chest until it perked up.

"I-It feels sticky if I wear one," the younger gasped as Siwon sucked on his collarbone, knowing that it would leave marks soon.

"Are you aware that most of the players could see your adorable little nipples when you were trying to block them," Siwon rubbed his knee at Kyuhyun's now-hard cock, eliciting a whimper from the other.

Siwon proceeded to kiss the soft pale skin down Kyuhyun's stomach before lifting one of the other's trembling legs.

"You were such a tease you know? Trying to seduce me when you try to block me from shooting earlier. Your pale sweaty body was such a distraction, Kyu," Siwon bit the Kyuhyun's inner thigh harshly.

"Won! S-Stop..." Kyuhyun jerked and clung towards Siwon's muscled arm.

"I won't stop this time, Kyu. I will fuck you hard and raw that you will be begging for more. I will fuck you hard until both of us will end up doing it on the floor," Siwon peeled away his wife-beater and took of his boxers.

"Th-Then, punish me, Team Captain Choi," Kyuhyun grabbed the huge hard cock in front of him and started sucking it with his swollen sinful lips.


The sexy teacher with glasses sat behind the teacher's table and observed the only remaining student in the classroom.

"Do you know why you are in detention, Student Cho?"

"Because I was ogling you and imagining kinky things about your abs, biceps, and your lips, Sir?" Cho Kyuhyun calmly answered as he looked straight into Mr. Choi Siwon's eyes, a naughty glint in the teenager's eyes.

"You are in detention because you couldn't answer the question I gave you in front of the whole class even though the equation had been solved a few minutes prior. And, you left your quiz empty, except for your name," Mr. Choi stood up and pushed his glasses to a better position on his sharp nose, before slowly making his way towards Kyuhyun's desk.

"I'm sorry you are too distracting for me, Siwon," Kyuhyun just smirked and licked his plump lips.

"It is Mr. Choi for you, Student Cho," Siwon tsked as he stopped right in front of Kyuhyun's desk.

"You've got good grades but your manners in class are," Siwon shook his head and looked at Kyuhyun through his glasses in a way that sent a shiver down Kyuhyun's spine.

"I tried all methods to have you participate in my class and be a polite student, but," the teacher shook his head and raked down the student's body before settling on his face. Kyuhyun almost whimpered.

"Although, I might have another method to teach you how to be polite," Siwon startled his student by hooking a finger into the knot of Kyuhyun’s dark blue student tie.

"Teach you how to obey orders," Siwon fiddled to loosen the knot.

"And teach you that you will be punished if you disobey the orders," the knot started to loosen, in contrast to Kyuhyun's tightening pants.

"And of course, teach you to beg," the tie fell on the students lap, the teacher's eyes darkening.

In a few seconds, Kyuhyun regretted snapping Mr. Choi's control that day. He should've snapped the teacher's control long time ago.


Smoke rose up from the fifteenth floor, a huge hole on the cemented and glass wall.

"Surrender, Evil Prince Kyuhyun and Voldemin, you have no way of escape!"

The two most powerful superheros stood on the fifteenth floor, blocking the escape way of the evil villains.

"Super Siwon and U-Know," Evil Prince Kyuhyun scowled as he kept the stolen ancient urns in the secret pocket inside his coat.

"You won't be able to catch us," Voldemin beside his partner in crime smirked as he hid his stolen jewelry inside his pants pocket.

"We will stop you no matter what it takes," Super Siwon took a step closer to the Evil Prince with a genuine smile.

"Stop it, Won. We are here to catch them, not to flirt with them," U-Know, groaned as he looked at his superhero partner desperately.

"Just a kiss won't hurt, will it?" Super Siwon grinned and bowed down in front of Evil Prince. "At last we meet again, Kyu."

"My name is Evil Prince, do not call me Kyu, and I will never kiss you," frowned the villain. "In fact, you should let us escape this instance."

"Of course we will let you escape." This smoothen the wrinkle on Evil Prince's eyebrows. "If you agree to have a date with me. Only one date is fine." The next line caused the frown to be back on the adorable - according to Super Siwon - face.

"I am not dating you! Not even for one date!" growled Kyuhyun as he glared at the hero in front of him, whose smile slipped, but not fully.

"Just go on a date with him, as long as we can escape, Kyu!" Voldemin rolled his eyes at his best evil friend.

"I'm not—"

"You allow him to call you Kyu but not me?"

Before his evil best friend and his hero fanboy could bicker more, Voldemin walked towards the other hero U-Know.

"They are totally smitten with each other huh?" the tall villain tsked as he glanced disgustedly at the pair.

"You have no idea," grunted U-Know as he shook his head, listening to the no-end bickering.

"Just get on with it and make out or something! You love him too, right Kyu?" Changmin shouted at the bickering couple.

"N-No! I definitely will not like this horse-like, too-tall hero!" the Evil Prince spluttered, but his blushing face betrayed his words.

"Aw, you love me, Kyu? I love you too," Super Siwon smiled very widely, it was almost creepy, as he tried to hug the struggling Kyuhyun.

And the second round of bickering started.

"There they go again," Changmin rolled his eyes before returning his gaze to U-Know. "So what about you? You don't have any girlfriend or boyfriend yet?" the taller ran his finger down the hero's chest, eliciting a shudder.

"I'm not interested in having one yet," the hero swatted away the villain's hand.

"Not even a kiss, Yunho?" Voldemin slowly leaned down towards U-Know's lips, making the hero widening his eyes before closing them.

The next thing they know was smoke filling the room with nothing kissing U-Know and a shout, sounding like, "I am not done yet, Changmin!"
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